Friday, June 08, 2007


Today MY day at work is pretty depress , I can't wait to get back home, didn't want to stay for over time, told my boss I am too tire to stay on . went home at 2.45pm .
First arrive turn on my PC check my blog , reply few message then went into UNCLE LEE blog to kay po.

make myself a cupi and sit down to read , oh so sad , never in my life face something so romantic and so sad ending .
Now MY brain is on and off thinking about the story of IRENE AND LEE .

Need a cig to cheer myself up and lated have wine to relax myself.

uncle lee please don't get sad anymore , you have done a very good thing by bring Irene lot of happiness in her life .
Uncle lee you are a real gentleman, can't find any guy like you around anymore , most of the young men always like the brand < wash and go > I mean have it and go , but you always keep you promise .

anyone who read my blog wonder wat I am talking about , please go to uncle lee blog have a good read you know wat I am talking about .
have a nice weekend , I am sure I will, I will open my big arm tomorrow to welcome my darling arrive home and give him a biiiiiiiiig hug and tell him I LOVE HIM ,cos ,life is too short to stop there , must well tell someone how much you really care and love ,be4 is too lated .xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxhave a lovely weekend all my dearest family and friend xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


U.Lee said...

Hello Pearly, eeee, you mention my name here, moh isi ahh, but thank you.
When I came here to Canada I brought about 15 executive diaries, those from HK Shanghai banks, AIA, Prudential, Malayan banking etc and it has all my business notes in them including inbetween my 'experiences'.
Only my 'experiences' were written out in code (morse code and alphanumeric codes) so if it falls into wrong hands, nobody will understand.
I have a habit since school days of noting down happenings, even today.
We have calendars from our first year here with notes in them, and we kept every one, so we can refer if we want to who came to visit us in 1989 or when we went to dentist or my car rosak? Ha ha.
Yes Pearly, always tell the people you love how much they mean to you, at least once a week.
Pssst, go buy your Derek a nice aftershave, stick a note on it, "just to say I love you" and put it in the bathroom cabinet.
You have a great day, Pearly and kam siah for mentioning Irene. UL.

PEARLY said...

hi uncle lee ;
thank for drop by , dont' say that la, the story about Irene is so lovely
and the love between you and her so true in heart.must mention to ppl let the young one learn more to love not just take .
sad new today I got 3 hours ago. someone had lost her love one send him out in the morning to work and never return anymore and not even have a change to say gud bye to each other and he's gone.
have a gud day UL . will drop by to your blog soon xxxx

nyonyapenang said...

Hi pearly,

Did read a few of your entries but first time leaving my comments here.

I am glad you enjoyed Uncle Lee's story. I enjoyed it thoroughly too. Yes, Uncle Lee writes very well and his stories never fail to tug at my heart-strings too.

Pearly, you are soooo right free to tell our loved ones we LOVE THEM....tell them now, tell them today for tomorrow may never come.

You have a great weekend. :)

PEARLY said...

hi dear nyonyapenang:

I do often read you blog also know you have meet up with my aunty penny , she say you are a very lovely lady , wish I could meet you too , may be one day when I am back to malaysia I will meet up with you .
yes I love to read uncle lee story is like reading a love story novel he is so good in it , hope one day he can publis it .
well I find out this happen to my sister in law , very sad yesterday she lost her boy friend , he had an accident and pass aways , there both supose after work will go back to see my in law in devon , but then he get knock down by a lori after work he try to rush home to bring her back to see mum ,send him out in the morning and never even got a change to say good bye and he had gone forever, so sad , the whole night I can't sleep thinking about her so alone crying in the house wish I were there to hug her , but I am quit far away from her .
lucky now she is back with my in law , thank god ,
anyway I must call them lated .
will chat with you soon thank's for drop by xxxxxxpearly

janicepa said...

wei.. i tot u gave up cig liao ??
u dun play play ar...

PEARLY said...

hi jan
off and on la sometime when I get very tire or stree I need one or els just have without lor