Sunday, June 24, 2007

LOOKING BACK kids had grown a lot

this take 2004

      1. I have been tidy up and find lot of picture of my kids , I look and can't believe there have grown up so much , gosh ! I am so proud of myself , I do look after them well and teacher them well been, I didn't send them aways to let anyone Look after them or try to dam them to any one excp during summer holiday will let them go to visit their Grandnana and granddad other then that I do love to keep them beside me .
      2. Even I send them down to Devon I miss them so much I am totally lose , lot of my friend say I am silly women have a change to have just the 2 of us with Derek to enjoy the kids free time but me and Derek will feel the whole place is so empty without them around , sorry to say I don't like without kids not be with me .
      3. I do hope to let them know , we love them so much there are the world of us .


    U.Lee said...

    Hello Pearly, Holy Smoke! You really got beautiful kids!! The boys so handsome, and your daughter, she's gorgeous! (Like her mother!)
    I bet when she grows up, you get a lot of fish and chips to eat when the boyfriends bring for you, ha ha.
    That gentleman your Derek? Looks good....
    Pearly, you really have a wonderful life, beautiful family and all.
    My best regards to all of you, keep well, Pearly. UL.

    U.Lee said...

    Pearly, Not only I am first, I come again...
    Where do you find the time to clean house, look after 3 gorgeous kids, cook, look and sayang husband, look after tenant, come out with new postings, go visit other blogs...
    Wa, you are marvelous!
    Can do ten things same time.
    When do you rest, kick up your feet, read papers or watch TV, relax? Ha ha. UL.

    janicepa said...

    they really grown up so much .. !!

    nyonyapenang said...


    You are a very good mom to the kids and a wonderful wife to Derek. I can feel your pride in them and your unconditional love showered upon them.

    J.T. said...

    Hi Pearly

    I blog-hopped from U.Lee's. I noticed my name on your blogroll. Thank you. :) I shall do the same for you.

    You have beautiful children and I noticed too that you have some "good-looking" food there i.e. Oil Fry Ghost. Miss that! Used to have it with my morning coffee.

    Take care Pearly. You are a good and loving mom and wife. :)

    SixzFun* said...

    PEARLY. are a great mum and wife...welldone!!! i really jealous on you ;-)

    PEARLY said...

    dear Uncle lee ah KONG :
    Lile I mention be4 you always the first one poopin cos when I do my blog you early bird and you will be the first one lor , welcome always .
    Me just can't sit still will kill me , I do like to do ten thing at the time ,by end of the day I am so tire I can sleep well lor.
    I love to watch tv too.
    don't like to read peper but every evening my 6 pm news must watch , after the world felt down also don't know to lari how ahhhhaa.

    thank for the first one come to visit and again too . hope will chat with you on the net lated hahaah.

    hello nyonyapenang :

    I am just a mum like you , you are also very pround mum and caring mummy too , after all we are mum , we don't know how to be a mother until we become one , I always say to my daughter and my 2 sister .

    after give birth you all will understand why mummy always love our own kids so much , well gurl will find out not very sure about the boy ler hahahaha.

    have a lovely day xxxxPL

    hi JT dear :

    Nice of you drop by you are very welcome to my blog , can give you the recipe for the Oil Fry Ghost
    is very easy to make , u can get all those Ingt at the normal supermarket , I am sure .

    TQ for everything you take care yourself and take it easy ok xxxx

    hi grace :

    no jealous la you little pretty ANgel is also so lovely ma, wait untill she grown up you will have lot of fry kui thew to eat .
    you also a very gud mummy yourself , we all mummy we all love our baby ma.Right xxxxx miss you and love you too ok xxxxPL

    J.T. said...

    Oh Pearly, that would be great. Could I have the recipe for the Oil Fry Ghost?
    Would you email that to me? My email address is on my profile page - click on the link. Thanks a million. :)

    Sweetpea said...

    i love the 5th pics...! so cute! and yes, do congratulate yourself for being a great woman, a loving wife and a wonderful and giving mum. hooray!! that's the best achievement in life :)

    PEARLY said...

    TQ TQ sweetpea :

    yes that little one is the pain in the bottom he is Pang 9 son of jan always had lot of cheecy face facing cam.

    you too a great mum ,I think all mum are cos which mum don't love their blood ler ?