Sunday, June 03, 2007

OLIVER ! Please sir .......may I have some more please ....

I have talk about Brandon, my mum, my dad, my Derek today is Oliver , he is sweet heart of mine and sweetheart of wen too.
he's good in computer of the age of 4 , he start to play game when he just pass 3 , never speak a word until year of 4 , he only point to us when he need thing , when he start to speak everything all come out , very good in study and now he is over 10 years, he is a very caring child to other young kids , he love and very panties to them as the above picture can see how caring he is try to help the little Courtney .
Oliver love red everything must be red in colour just like his daddy , also he had all the thing just like his dad , clam in a way, very slow get cross with ppl , but when he is angry, he really mean it , he always let Brandon get aways with it.
Oliver such a sweetheart we all just love him .


janicepa said...

oliver is such a big boy now.. aiyo..

pearly said...

yes lo so loving one too as you know .
too bad lately he had very bad astma

janicepa said...

those chinese medicine din work ???