Sunday, June 24, 2007

ALL tidy now look steph room so tidy

Well so busy with tidy up our house , look around every way is Derek mess it does get to my bone , I have been be silent for sometime becos if I open my mouth start be4 I even go on Derek will , ask me to shhhhhhhhe , cos he can't stand the Nag , but yesterday he got to get his ass up to do some clear up, cos I have told him if he don't I will get all those mess throw in the bin for him , then if you see the messy room post you Will have see how messy is my 2 boy room, gosh!I can't eve walk around it , I make them clear up there own mess , cos I can't tahan anymore , yesterday I find a big basket of cloth to be wash from the boy room , Wat a day I clear up every room down stair and walk up and down make sure the b2 boy do there work , oliver clear half way had a asthma attend got to slow down so Brandon as normal got to do more , but he does do a gud job , steph back from friend party got to go in to give them a hand to tidy up steph room is always very clear and tidy , she don't need me to tell her off , very tidy when she started at 2 years old always put her toy aways, have a picture to show you look at her room and the 2 boy room .


nyonyapenang said...

ya, agree with you...just threaten to throw their things away and suddenly, their room will be clean and tidy. hahaah.....

steph is a very good girl...she keeps her room spick and span.

PEARLY said...

hi hello nyonyapenang :

today you are the first one in my blog , still not in bed yet , thank for drop by , yes kids huh wat can we do to them , wait for the 30 of june I will bring all those toy and game boy clear up to the car boot sale to make same money , hahahha.
yes steph always a gud gurl I never have to "loo hee " to tell her clear up she will do it and will help me too.


U.Lee said...

Hi Pearly, wa, the room ada computer too? So clean and nice. Big room too.
Your tenant sure very happy live with you all.
Quite a change from their life in China too, I guess.
Peraly, you are not only a lovely wife, a good mom, but a very interesting lady.
I am glad I know you.
Hope one day we can all meet. Best regards, UL.

PEARLY said...

uncle lee AH KONG :
tQ TQ for drop by , I am just a wife and a mum , all this is my job need to look after not much I can do, same as MR aunty LEE to look after you and bake youthe pudding diner and cake you love , we all women just want to love our hubby and kids make sure there all be take care xxxxxx
I am so glad I know you too , do hope one day will meet up , you never know we might move to canada and vbecome friend hahahah.
have a gud dayPL

janicepa said...

stephy having ur bed frame now ar ??

PEARLY said...

yes she got my old one cos her one is going to broken down the end , derek bought a nice bed for us .

SixzFun* said...