Saturday, June 23, 2007


Here are those lovely

Short bread I freshly make yummmmmmy
Uncle Lee Nyonya have a cup of kopi and have a slice OK.


U.Lee said...

Hi Pearly, Aha! I am the 1st one in this time, ha ha.
Wa, I was at your other post, then took a bus to check out "sexy sweetpea" blog, then balek here check out your dad's post...Hey Pearly, saw your wedding pic. Holy Smoke...You ARE A BEAUTIFUL LADY! Even now too. Some women after just 1 kid look like Ah Pors, you still looking good!
Wa, if I see you before, sure quickly go send 3 dozen orchids to to you. Ha ha, just kidding.
But you sure got a beautiful smile, you look like a Million bucks! And nice teeth too.
Your dad good looking fellow...wa, I think young days he sure got a lot of SYT's after him, huh> Ha ha. He's real cool.
Hey Pearly, love your cookies here.
Can I come over chiak kopi and your cookies? UL.

PEARLY said...

uncle lee :
many thank for theose lovely 3 dozen orchids , how do you know I love them , I have all over our home , I love orchid is my no 1 flower other then lily is my secound best flower .

TQ TQ TQ xxxx