Thursday, June 07, 2007


The above picture is the plane he is fly back from New York to Toronto , he say to me is scaring, a plane with 16 seat only such a small plane. oh my god , I remember flying a small plane from Kuatan to Ipoh long time ago is very noise but is not as small as this , god bless him not to be scare ok, we here praying for you and waiting for you to come home. miss you very much xxxxxxxxx


janicepa said...

owh .. yeah .. tht's really scary ...

but i m sure he will be fine lah ..

how come this trip so long wan ??

U.Lee said...

Hi Pearly, I can imagine you being very anxious. I was always afraid of fly even though I used to fly every few days those old days. Godspeed and safe journey to your Derek.
By the way, if you free pop over, have something for you. Drink coffee first. UL.

scarxxx said...

wah such a small plane ah... dun worried too much la, ok? ;)

PEARLY said...

hi jan :
You BIL away for a week . is very long time huh .kids really miss him too
thank god he is back tomoro .

PEARLY said...

dear Uncle LEE :
Welcome to my blog , my blog is pretty boring , not like your so nice and so rometic.
derek always afair tio fly anyway but with such a small plan he is very afair hahhaha he say to me this morning , please pray for me ok .hahah.
I will pop over for a cup of coffer and liter to all your lovely rometic old time story enjoy it very much ,xxxpearly

PEARLY said...

hi brother :
yes la , he is very worry and afair la wat to do ? job got to fly here and there . he be back tomoro is a very gud thing .
can't wait to give him a hug to tell him I really miss him very much just like you and pricessxxxxx