Monday, June 11, 2007

Today specaily bake for all my family and friend

I thought today is a nice day to bake some apricot cake to share with everyone , welcome to my blog and I warm you with a cup of tea or coffer and a piece of apricot cake .
Is still warm freshly out from the oven .
Enjoy this very special moment

especially to UNCLE LEE AND NYONYAPENANG . I can't serve you with Malaysia kopi cos I don't have any but I would like to server you with English TEA and coffer , I don't know how to bake Malaysia kuah only know English cake and pudding hope you don't mind .
hi brother Wei and Grace hope you like it too this my first time post my cake on the blog , I bake everyday for kids at work , never bother to post on the net but today I thought why not may be you all will enjoy it .
kakakkaak.xxxxxx have a nice day I know is Monday but tomorrow will be better day


nyonyapenang said...

aiyah...Pearly's 11.45pm now in KL and I come to your I lau nuar on my keyboard liao lar...

kamsiah so much for the lovely apricot cakes and english tea. and to tell you, angmoh pudding, gua sukaaaa jugak.

PEARLY said...

hi dear nyonyapenang :

So lated you still not sleep huh , kamsiah lu to drop by to have cup of tea with me , I am glad you like my cake , heheeh, next time will make you a tea cake xxxxxx
Gua suka jugak malaysia one . but huh I am away home for too long don't know how to bake ler .

scarxxx said...

*telan saliva liao*
jie, ur cake very delicious hor.. early morning at 6:54am in malaysia looking at ur cake already make me darn hungry d.. kekeke..

janicepa said...

hahaha.. she make the best green tea sponge cake ok ...

U.Lee said...

Hello Pearly, I love Apricot cakes and English tea. And thank you for your very kind invitation.
I appreciate that very much, Pearly.
You're a swell lady.
Love Earl Grey tea, Darjeeling, Lipton's tea.
Those days in Malaysia Gold Dollar tea, Barat tea from Cameron Highlands.
But now here I drink more coffee, Maxwell House rich blend. Iced of course.
Once again, thank you for your delicious cakes and tea. Jolly good. UL.

SixzFun* said...

emmmm...yummy in the office a bit free so i just come to ur blog, it's tea time..looking at ur apricot cake....emmmmmm....... really lao nua liao...hahaha
dunno when got time to try ur cooking leh???

PEARLY said...

uncle lee ;
glad you enjoy mug of tea and my cake , the next time will bake you a tea cake , ahahhaah.
earl grey also my cup of tea too .
now I onlyhave one cup of coffer a day becos of my IBS so only water english tea or chinese tea .
I miss my real coffer .

PEARLY said...

hi grace :
so early you in the officer ?? boss will give you a gud bonus this year so hard working huh .
you love my cake you can come to UK. you are welcome to stay with us and I will bake you cake everyday

promise xxxxxxxxxxxx

PEARLY said...

hi bro:
As I told you la next year wil make you a birthday cake ok .
you come to vist me will bake and cook nice diner for you no problem

jan babe
you do miss my green tea sponge cake huh .
never mind la you wait untill BB come you bring bb to UK and we bake you a large one heehhe.

love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

SixzFun* said...

see la..when i got chance to go UK....i'm surely will go visit you...and try all ur dishes....mmmmmm..yummmy yummy!

PEARLY said...

that a promiss ok grace

you are always welcome xxxxxx

we love our food so no promble with all kind diner at our home xxxxx

Salt & Turmeric said...

Pearly, i just read this old post of yours. I have a can of kaya and been wanting to eat it w cakoi or as u call it, oil fry ghost? can i have the recipe please?