Wednesday, January 17, 2007

About ME

I love to cook and bake cake , that why I become a cook , I work in a nursery for little kids from baby to 4 years old and I cook three meal a day for those lovely little angel there have snack lunch with pudding and tea with fruit or cake . cater for nearly 80 kids per day . then after work I will start my school run for my own 3 monkey and back home cook again very boring huh well I try to change it for 2007 but don't know how cos I being a boring House wife too long, don't know how to not to be , anyone can help to advise me? I love patai like wen durai , laksa nothing much I don't like as long as is Malaysian food, I love it , when I young I am a bully, I love to bully my second sister wenwen cos I am 10 years older then her and 15 years older then jan jan , but then I love jan jan very much don't know why ,when I am 17 years old , I also very naughty too ,when ppl ask me no to do I will ask them to fuck off and I will still go ahead to do it , I give lot of headache to my pretty aunt penny, when I live with her use to dislike her, cos she don't let me go out and I always think she control me ,so I make her so headache then I move out from her home find myself a boyfriend and stay with him but he is a playboy got lot of girlfriend ,with him for 3 years, can't stand it so my mummy told me to leave him go to Holland, so I did .I pack my bag and went to Holland and living with my uncle and my mama <> but then my uncle kick me out becos he thought I'm having a dutch boyfriend but I don't have one at that time ,but he still say I did have no choice I move out ,then I went to be a babysit and same time I also go to study dutch and I do well got myself a job and I keep telling myself I wouldn't not let my uncle look down on me, if he can make it to stay legal in Holland ,so do myself , so I make sure I get want even I want I work hard in Holland and now I am a dutch citizen too, then one day at work I meet my hubby Derek, he come to eat in my work place then we full in love and then I end up in the boring UK and have 3 beautifully baby . I think that all I can tell so now the next 3 ppl to be tag is, my pretty aunt penny and grace the sexy mummy and Shawn my little brother "good luck to you all" .

Saturday, January 13, 2007


my dear here to show you want I get for you Jan hope you like it bought it becos is blue but will look some more now a lot of sale on so can get a few more . cheeeeeeeeeeeeeer you uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupppppp?

this one I lik ethe most will keep baby very warm when she /he sleep in the aircon with you .

Those long one can help baby stay away from mosq bit hehhhhehhe.

little one with hat and shoe .

Friday, January 12, 2007


Thank GOD is FRIDAY today , finally finish work and can just sit back and relax for the weekend . This whole week is really make me so tire becos I have been working on my own and so many kids meal to cook, we have nearly 80 kids per day now , anyway I am glad is Friday but I am so not happy too , cos Friday is our family night, we all will love to sit back relax and have Chinese diner which deliver to us so we can eat and watch TV . but that nearly every Friday , my mate will turn up my door step by 6pm were there all knew we having our diner at 6pm everyday , then there walk in when we just start to have our diner, as a Chinese I am a bit embarrass if we just sit down and eat without invite my visitor to join us , but then there always show up at our diner time . every Friday are the same, some one will turn up when we nearly start to eat or we eating half way ,so tonight Derek call home from work I ask him Wat he fancy to eat tonight he say chinese , he say can you ask them to deliver around 8pm , cos all those ppl always turn up at 6pm if deliver come at 8pm will give us lot of time to get them off our home, so when I put down the phone trying to call to the Chinese, I receive a text from my friend who always turn up nearly every Friday ask , are you having Chinese tonight can you order some for me ? when I saw the text I thought ,oh shit , then I reply yes , do you want to deliver to your home ? then she reply OK can you ask to deliver at 6pm cos I am lated at work , but then I look at the clock it was 5.45pm , then I reply OK will call to deliver to you home .THANK GOD but then next thing is my door bell ring my other friend is arrived , I thought oh shit one after another , then I run upstairs to call the deliver for my friend then I order our diner and make sure their deliver at 8pm . then by around 7pm there went home , I ask Derek can I call the Chinese to deliver now cos I am very hungry , so NOW the diner is here , I got to go to eat now, thank for reading if there anyone is reading this , please tell me HOW CAN I TELL THEM NO TO COME AROUND AT OUR DINER TIME ANYMORE ?

Thursday, January 11, 2007

To my beloved Sister

I am glad you are ok . lot of love from us to you xxxxx

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Helllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooo we really miss you very much where are you why you don't post anymore ? your son son is also miss you wor please come back to blog la so we can see you and know wat is your latest news too please .................................


Look Is this baby very cute ? I love him so much ,Can anyone guess who is this very cute sweet baby , give a guess , please! .........................................................

Monday, January 01, 2007


Everyone will say this to each other or ask each other the same thing end of the year of each here I am asking everyone wat is yours?As for myself I wish not to be a boring house wife anymore to just run around for my kids and husband ,I wish to do something for myself for god sick I had enough of running around for them and end up like a wat so call "YELLOW FACE WIFE". So from today I will try my very best to have a healthy eatting and keep myself slim and sexy, do not want to be an ugly wife and mum anymore . Also wish to be more outgoing and see the world I had miss out for the pass 13 years , and this is my new year resolutions wat about yours????