Thursday, March 22, 2007


Iam so relex don't have to work for two day , I can chil out an dgo around town to do same shopping for my sister and my god brother he is comming down lated this evening , I think will go to the shoe shop first .
sorry about no action for last week a bit busy the weekend . on the 18 of march 2007 is the england mother day I had my in mum in law with me then we go down to visit my brother in law and his new baby here a picture of the baby he us very handsome , well every one i sso happy for them I am so glad too .
here a few picture of us with the baby.

Friday, March 16, 2007


As you look at the picture you will see he will put his football shoe on then gel up his hair and get ready to go out for the game.

above you can see all those price he win back .

he is sp crazy with his football snow or rain also he will still go for his football traning or match .

we pray for him hope one day he can be the very good football men and have lot of money .

may god bless him xxxxxxxx love you always your mummy.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Happy Birthday to Our very DEAR SEXY AUNTY PENNY

we wish you a very happy birthday and always young and sexy .

lot of kisses and love from the GREEN familyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Please sir , my name is OLIVER please can I have some more ..........

I suppose to blog something about pang 9 song but then tonight we all went out to this place

Tonight I am so tire not really wanted to cook, so have a phone conversation with Derek, we thought we going out for a family meal , try to find a fish and chip shop to eat but then all those chip shop only do take away but we really want a just sit and enjoy the night diner, so we went into the above place and is very near not far away .
As you look into the link you will know is a carvery with eat as much as you like . we have order our meal with roast ham ,beef and turkey , as for the kids there also have the same but then Oliver favorite is the Yorkshire pudding , when we nearly finish, the more Oliver jump up and say mummy I want MORE , so I say to him OK you can go and ask the chef for some MORE , then Derek DARE Oliver for £2 if he will walk to the chef and say . PLEASE SIR, MY NAME IS OLIVER CAN I HAVE SOME MORE PLEASE.....

THEN Oliver say to Derek OK £2 I will do it , so .................he walk to the buffer desk he say to the chef as ABOVE ,,,,,,,,here Wat the chef reply :OH yes , you may have some more . he giving him another piece of Yorkshire pudding. then he ask Oliver .... By the way is you name really OLIVER? hahhhahhahah have any one here even watch a old movie call OLIVER TWIST ? THAT WHY THE CHEF IS GIGGLE AND ASK IS MY OLIVER REALLY NAME OLIVER . WE CAN'T STOP LAUGHING SO I MAKE A CAL TO WEN WEN AND TELL HER ALL ABOUT IT .


Wednesday, March 07, 2007


been very busy lately also tire I have back to work for a week now , each day back from work I am so tire just wanted to sit and do nothing , that why I have off for so long then my back is play up on me again < in pain > anyway nothing much I can do still need to work .
Thank for missing me already my darling babe sis Jan Jan and Jan little brother wee wee , miss me when I am away .
I thought I will blog my little darling the next blog about him , then I got to wait until my picture been download .
anyway will show you all wat about and all about the PANG 9 son off Janice story soon . just sit tight and wait for me OK .love you all