Monday, June 08, 2009

Today Aden is 9 mouths and 5 days old

my little Aden had grown so much each day he change
he getting very cheeky and he know wat he want and wat he don't want
so smart
he know .......
is yummy
so he will turn his face off when I give him diner and when he saw me give him pudding he will open his mouth.
gosh! there learn fast to be cheeky .

look at him wat a mess

he got 4 teeth now
just start to sleep over the night but still need to have the night feed at 3 /4am
but good thing is I make the milk give it to him he will hold the bottle himself when finish he will through the bottle out and sleep until 7am get up ready to go to nursery .
one bad habit he got is he will pooo in the morning at 8 am , time when I getting ready to go to work
but every morning before I change clear nappy on him
I put him in the toilet he will do a weeee for me .
so I hope sooon he can do poo and wee on the toilet can save money on nappy :)
finger cross .:)

last week we have a special visitor arrive .....
she is so cute
kids non stop talking about her so clever she can wink and sight talk
steph try to teach Aden to WINK
but THIS BOY not going to do it :(

looking at the 2 of them play together make my heart melt

hope there can see each other more and get to know each other MORE closed to each other .
cos there are the closed age .

closer look at the 2 of them do there look a like ?