Friday, August 29, 2008

NASI LEMAH ......... I DID IT ...... AS I SAY I WILL ......... LOOK GOOD HUH

Having a chat with sue , she say will be going to have NASI LEMAH this weekend with her friend ..........mmmmmm mmm yummy , it been a long time since I had it .
the last time I had is when Aunty penny here and we went to the Malaysian restraint.

So since I really wanted to eat it too.......
I decile to cook it today .......
it only take me about one hours .....

I also cook the AYAM MADU * honey fry chicken wing for my kids cos there can't have sambal.
i wish to cook some lady finger too , but my blood pressure is very hight since Wednesday I got to going to the hospital to check and low down and today it go back up again so......
I need to go in to the hospital soon ... for a check but I am still here writing the post .

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I am so enough now ........ on Monday I say to Derek I am so wish to give myself a C-section to get ADEN out from me tummy ......... GOSH ! that is real BAD .

every night after 9pm tummy so blow up like a balloon just feel like t* Die better then a live *
I never feel this way with my 3 monkey or may be I forgot already so many years or I am so busy with looking after the kids and home and cook and ect ..... I don't even feel the pain ........

Now ...... I have nothing to do at home only rest ...... I feel so miserable or becos ....... old age preg?????

I can't complain lot ...... I should be glad that I am so lucky now a day , kids will help me and Derek will help ,I think about SASHA and my SIS JANICE in Malaysia, got to work up to give birth, same time daily need to look after young kids plus work the whole day, from 9am to 6pm back home , keep house clear and cook and look after ERVIN JAYDEN , if kids sick there got to wake up the whole night .
sometime I do wish our Chinese MEN..... Hubby can be a bit helpful it does help a lot .
in the west.....HUBBY will help a lot to the wive , not only earn the money and that it , cos I think as a hubby and wive we must understand more ABOUT EACH OTHER NEED .

Not that I am not worry ..... with this Baby ..... I am dam worry in big time.
worry I can't cope it, once he get out .... WHY ????
cost I feel like I dig myself a great big grave after so many years freedom and look wat I have done to myself .
also I feel so uncomfortable when I go out most of the ppl alway s ask me the same question .....

*Oh ...... is this plan ???
wat does this mean ?? wat does this to do with you plan or not ???

why there got to ask me this becos I am a old women over 43 years ..... and not suppose to have another Baby ???

I didn't plan to have this Baby , I have lost one 5 years ago and we though all the problem we had we are not going to have another baby , Derek and steph even wanted to adopt a baby from china,I say NO to them cost I don't want to look after another baby .
when this baby come along by super surprise I tell myself may be is god will... I should give Derek another Girl he so wish for ....... but ..... god will also not giving him a Girl but another BOY holy.

anyway ....... wat had come had come I just got to face it I am sooooo wish .. ppl please don't ask me this again and again are you plan ............

just please mind your very own business ......... may be the next time when ppl ask me I will jsut say ...... NO is god gift !



Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wat a surprise ........................................

So sorry it been a very long time since I write post
everyday I only be able to sit for 45 min the most to read blog post .
kay poh here and there, read post of my 2 sis and baby .
Then the whole day I will be in bed or sit around
do nothing ,
also be a moody cow
also same time Nesting too .......just like SASHA,
the only thing good is when I start to do house work .......
I been stop by my hubby or my kids , there will do it for me ,
cos DR say I can't do any heavy
duty especially hooves the home ,so I will be stand there telling them wat I want them to do
in the point I get so angry with myself like a useless personal.

GUESS wat happen ...... on Saturday 23of aug 2008
I got a visitor

SUE and her family comming to visit
******How ..........
well is real a surprise on sat morning I went on Yahoo to chat with Nico then sue also on msn
she ask me wat I am doing today normal I have nothing to do even I wanted to do I can't do much , but do hope to get out the house for a bit cos been in for week and so bore have ask Derek to bring me to the market to get some fresh fruit and veg cos I really run out .
Then I ask sue so is Bank holiday weekend wat she up to she say Nothing too , then she say could come down to visit YOU ...
I say yeah that OK with me cos we normal have nothing to do anyway , I though she going to visit on Sunday then she say NO is today SAT ....
I ask Derek is that ok he say well Nothing much we do anyway just go to tesco instant of town
that it SUE is coming for a visit with her family and I got to prepare some light lunch ...
I wonder wat can I do for lunch ,,,,,,,,,

I think the fast and easy way for me is to cook something I know the Best ...
so I went in to tesco get some chicken and fish and here wat I cooking for lunch

Penang chicken curry
fry Thai style mee hoon
chicken fry rice
egg fry soya mee hoon
Asam pedah IKAH

I am not so sure SUE hubby David will like hot and spicy or not also we have little IAN
so I just cook mix and match la.

I am so rush in to Tesco and get all the cooking thing I forgot about Pudding
then I come home ...

I thought of bake a padah chiffon cake .
but I only got 2 hours to do everythign ,
by the time I finish cooking and is too lated to bake the cake ...
so we have no Pudding .
then I find out SUE hubby like padah chiffon cake , so I promise the next time there come I will make sure to bake one for them .

we have a lovely time .......
my Steph say to me ... mum Ian is so adorable , I think Ian have a eye on my steph hahaha
when there going Ian keep run back to steph give her a hugs and kiss .
when I ask Ian where is my .....
well HE is such a clever boy he go for the young one not the old one ahhahah.

thank for a lovely time to drop by for a visit .

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sorry been away ........... to the Hospital ......

Last week is a stupid week
Dr get panic and thought I am going to have the Baby
send me in to the hospital for few day
holy .........sugar
is soooooo bloody boring

silly baby keep giving me CONTRACTION
Dr and Midwife panic #
think Baby will come in anytime .....
and not allow me to go home
I am sooooooo bore in the stupid hospital.

Thank god ....
ON Saturday morning one of a male DR
may be feel sorry for me hahahah
he let me go home and see him again in Monday .

here I am back to my very

sorry I haven't been reply to all those lovely comment on my blog

will try to get back to my daily live .
thank to all my friend keep pop over to visit me .xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
have a lovely Sunday .

Friday, August 01, 2008


Today I bring the Italy student to HULCOTE
A place when you enter it .......
it give u a creepy feeling
when you arrive
is such a beautiful view
is like

WE ENTER into a road the only road to the valley
* if I Janice is looking at this ......
she will remember it .....
this is the second time I go back
first time I go with my sis Janice it does freak the 2 of us.
when we arrive to this road

nearly to the valley

band to the center of the valley

nearly there

one of the house on the corner

look at the view Now ... is in the middle of the place surround
with 6 same build house
look at the house each of them are the same is pretty old too
it only have got about 8 surround on the field

total of house around is about 10 house

then we went up to the hight part so we can view down to see those house

house on the VALLEY
Is that peace and quite
I remember when me and Janice first come in here
I hear lot about hulcote but never been here before
and we went there becos I need to hand in my CV to a lady
she wanted to employ me to be the chef of her nursery
but at the end I got the job I am working now instant.
so .. me and my sis Janice ,
2 silly one drive to here .
I remember we can't find the lady house so we drove up to the mill farm
and we see all those working men
Janice was so scream she lock the door
I went into ask for the address
there show us to drive back to the valley and the house we looking for is just one the first house .

after that time this place is always in my mind
I have live here for nearly 12 years
I never see a place so like
Twilight ZONE
a place like no one there ...
I really don't know how to explain the feeling only you see by your very own eyes.