Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sunday, December 18, 2011

I pass I pass ...............

I pass my Britt driving on the 6 DEC2011
after all this years ...
I just can't believe it
it was so hard for me for the pass 8 mouths ,
without the car
walk to the bus stop
catch the bus to work with little Aden
walk to work ,
do have fun time with Aden during summer time

Now is winter
weather getting so bad and cold
I feel so sorry for little Aden need to get up early in the morning
everyday catch bus with me
thank to God
I Pass
I got my BRIT Driving License and
I go through the hard way
I win I win I win
nothing can stop me Now

Thank god blessing me
Thank to my mum who pray for me and my 2 lovely sister too
also all my dearest friend who keep me stranger
thank you all xx

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Nasi lemah recipe

Recipe: Nasi Lemak


Coconut Milk Steamed Rice

2 cups of rice
3 screwpine leaves (panda leave )
Salt to taste
1 small can of coconut milk (5.6 oz size)
Some water

Tamarind Juice

1 cup of water
Tamarind pulp (size of a small ping pong ball)

Sambal Ikan Bilis (Dried anchovies sambal)

1/2 red onion
1 cup ikan bilis (dried anchovies)
1 clove garlic
4 shallots
10 dried chillies
1 teaspoon of belacan (prawn paste)
1/4 teaspoon of salt
1 tablespoon of gula malaka (plum ugar )

Other ingredients

2 hard boiled eggs (cut into half)

1 small cucumber (cut into slices and then quartered)


  1. Just like making steamed rice, rinse your rice and drain. Add the coconut milk, a pinch of salt, and some water. Add the pandan leaves into the rice and cook your rice.
  2. Rinse the dried anchovies and drain the water. Fry the anchovies until they turn light brown and put aside.
  3. Pound the prawn paste together with shallots, garlic, and deseeded dried chilies with a mortar and pestle. You can also grind them with a food processor.
  4. Slice the red onion into rings.
  5. Soak the tamarind pulp in water for 15 minutes. Squeeze the tamarind constantly to extract the flavor into the water. Drain the pulp and save the tamarind juice.
  6. Heat some oil in a pan and fry the spice paste until fragrant.
  7. Add in the onion rings.
  8. Add in the ikan bilis and stir well.
  9. Add tamarind juice, salt, and sugar.
  10. Simmer on low heat until the gravy thickens. Set aside.
  11. Cut the cucumber into slices and then quartered into four small pieces.
  12. Dish up the steamed coconut milk rice and pour some sambal ikan bilis on top of the rice.
  13. Serve with cucumber slices, and hard-boil egg