Thursday, June 24, 2010

More hour in a day that is wat I calling for

It been a very long long time since I log in here to blog
I have been so busy with work ..looking after Aden ...
also busy helping my friend to visit DR ,help another friend buying house , arranger meeting with the bank for them which I get no commission :P
Run around for the pass 3 mouths like a headless chick, very tire .....

Also my Brother in law wedding in Poland ,we all must attend spend lot of £££ for that weekend

wonder is that call family holiday to us ????
well :( I do enjoy very much at the wedding after all BIL had pay lot of money for his wedding .

can't really say is a holiday for us , is not a place we dream to go for our holiday with kids .

Busy mouths start soon for us again
Chinese kids is coming for their summer camp holiday , will be having 3 again for the whole mouths of July and Aug ,
hope can earn some extra to pay off the repaid of our home , after living here for nearly 14 years everything is fulling apart .

can't really complain about this .. becos is life for everyone too :)
Hubby had been work very hard to work and do ll the repaid re deco the whole house .

But I still not sure about my life ................
sometime looking at all my friend enjoy their life with kids grown up and me still with a young baby at the age of 46 gosh ...Wat am I doing ?
lot of question around me , I really Hate my life now , cos is not a life for me anymore
can't do anything much other then work , home , cook, sleep 4 hours a day and back to work , all money goes to kids.... bus fare ....... food ect.......there eat more and more .......

when I am going to have a life ?
which I can do wat I want !
spend wat I need !travel around when I want ......god know ..........................

Advise ....... if you ae the age of over 40 already had kids please don't go and make another baby
is really stupid .......