Monday, July 24, 2006

cooking again !!

wah... last weekend.. I cooked.. yes.. ~ ah Jan coooking...
ah jan cook mat yeah ar...
ABC soup lah
Onion Omelette
Asparagus with Prawn
Red Wine Chicken (Hong Chau Kai)
Otak-Otak ( Sad to announced that this 1 is Buy geh ) wakakaka.. how i know how to make lah .. my parent can !!

wan the recipes ar ?? .. no need lah ... simple dish only ler... but i will tell.. wahahaha..
ABC soup :
u need A, B and C lor.. put all in a pot and Boil it for half a day !!
Onion Omelette:
.. u need Opelat... to fried with onion..
Asparagus Prawn :
u need fresh pawn and fried with garlic.
Red Wine chicken :
u need duck and beer !!

hehehehe... all eat already "lau sai lau" non-stop..

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

hi is me pearly

hi dear :
this is first time I write my own blog , my beloved daughter sit beside me and teach me one step to the next to do this but still can't post a picture in .
anyway I am so pround of my darling daughter she is so cleaver ahhahahah.she have the look but don't have the mum brain thank god for this .
tomorow will be a very busy day for me I have no assitant she on leave so I will be on my own do to all the work , and tom my menu had home make PIZZA . this OH my god la .
thank for making such a lovely blog for me my darling sister janice .
love from me to you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

"tong choi zhing chu yuk"

Posted by : Janice...

this is my specialty .... i like to cook .. ermm or i learned this dish bcos my LK likes to eat... and my elder sister too.. i cooked this dish for her whn i was at UK.. yum yum.. with this dish u can eat 2 bowls of rice.. so here is how to cook it Janice's style also my MIL style .. curi'ed the recipe from her.. cos her son like it mah .. hai mai ??

it's so difficult to curi this gambar u know... especially the "tung choi" gambar.. i stole from this website ... and the babi from dunno where liao.. also from UK site.

so below is the 2 main ingredients lor..

First.. u have to make the tung choi smaller.. by either chopping it together with the mince pork or separately.... after u think it is mixed evenly, u place it in a bowl lor...

then... this is my method lah .. u use another bowl the small 1 put some clean water mayb half of the bowl, then u put in the soya sauce, the corn flour, little bit of sugar and then small amount of dark soy sauce.. mixed it until it absorbed each other.. weee.. (wat the hell m i typing)and then hor.. i almost forget.. u got to stim this dish wan ... tht is why it is called Zhing Chu Yuk... well, whn i cook this dish it's always based on my feeling ge wor... but normally it will turn out good !! kekeke.... so measurement wan... simply try and error..

waakakakaka... happy trying..

sign-off :

Janice ...

Friday, July 07, 2006

Look wat I found ~ ah Jan posted

THese pictures are taken in year 2002, yes... 4 years ago.... i think my sister normally come back to malaysia every 4 years.. this is bcos having 3 children is not easy and is costly...

so this is me and my sister and the 3 children.. they are so cute whn they are small.. and now they are so grown up.. and tht shows i m getting very old liao ..

Look at how adorable my "peng 9" son is... he is sOoooo DARLING..

  • wah.. this 1 "hak sei ngor" my cuzzie brother is so DIFFERENT .. last time like ah beng lidat.. now he looks much much better... see here.. here

  • this one is my niece and my "peng 9" son look they are so much different now.. my son so damn handsome liao ...

  • and look at my mom.. last time she is so slim.. now she is very healthy ... and can eat alot ler...

    Monday, July 03, 2006

    this is the sister.... posting !

    As my sis mentioned she is a boring housewife and sister... i wanna tell her.. i know you are but wat m i ?? (my son taught me this..) ok... a lil bit bout my sister here..
    she is currently staying in UK.. and she got 3 beautiful children... the reason y i have to cover her face at the profile there is .. i personally think tht my bro in law dont like to disclose so much 'bout his family.. and in order to respect him.. i will cover up all the faces so tht ppl wont recognise any 1 of them ... hm..
    i purpose select a kitchen template for my sister is bcos.. she is a very good cook.. so is my parent.. and i m a super lousy wan... so i hope that thru this blog.. she can put down all her recipe for me to copy so that i too can be a boring housewife like her... (only her cooking and i dont wan anything else to be passed down) kekeke.. !!
    joking lah ... !!!
    how shud i teach her leh.. let me think first...

    this is chinese "char siew" which is my favourite and also define me well.. (there is a chinese saying "it' better to have a pieces of charsiew then to have an unobidient children .." ) .. but that is not wat i wanna say lah... i just wanna say tht my sister can make nice "char siew" ! Yum Yum !!!

    so sis... please teach me how to cook here.. ok ??

    Saturday, July 01, 2006

    it's a beginning

    well..did i mentioned that ???.. my sis created this blog just to leave me comments but best of all.. she already created 2 blogs n she forgot her password.. so i really wakaranai her.

    Now she is asking me to enhanced her blog.. i m only goin to teach her how to.. cos.. if lidat i will mati lor..

    and another request from her hubby aka my bro in law is.. not to put his photo in my blog wor... (*show cat face).. well.. he is not bad mah .. looks good mah .. why kenot put leh .. moreoever.. hey .. tht is my blog !!.. kekeke... nice things is meant to be shared !! if it is too ugly i also wont put in my blog ler.. i wont wanna make my blog looks disgusted.. !! Kekek.. Joking ler...

    cheer up .. Bro !!