Monday, July 24, 2006

cooking again !!

wah... last weekend.. I cooked.. yes.. ~ ah Jan coooking...
ah jan cook mat yeah ar...
ABC soup lah
Onion Omelette
Asparagus with Prawn
Red Wine Chicken (Hong Chau Kai)
Otak-Otak ( Sad to announced that this 1 is Buy geh ) wakakaka.. how i know how to make lah .. my parent can !!

wan the recipes ar ?? .. no need lah ... simple dish only ler... but i will tell.. wahahaha..
ABC soup :
u need A, B and C lor.. put all in a pot and Boil it for half a day !!
Onion Omelette:
.. u need Opelat... to fried with onion..
Asparagus Prawn :
u need fresh pawn and fried with garlic.
Red Wine chicken :
u need duck and beer !!

hehehehe... all eat already "lau sai lau" non-stop..

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