Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Janice present ? she sad the shoe is like AH POH

One thing I learn from here ...............Don't bother to be thoughtful and caring to ppl , cos no one give any appreciation

Weekend ?? sunny day ? need a car wash ?£5 per wash

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Happy play at the beach EASTER HOLIDAY

My kids really enjoy the beach in Devon , there go every year Easter .we are lucky to have our in law who live near to the beach we can enjoy the most of it .
I hope when my kids grown up there will remember all the good time there had with each other not like me and my sister , becos of our age gap, we are not so close as I wish to and I also don't have any memory that we all having lot of fun together , I wish we had but we don't , now we all grown up I do wish and hope we can be close to each other but then I think is a bit too late, now every body had there own life there need to get on with it and no one seem to have time for each other anymore or there one is too far away from each other . here I wish to advise to ppl please have kids more close age there will be very close to each other not like me and my sister we have 10 year to 15 year age gap .
so have a lovely morning or night .

Easter we all go down to DEVON

country side in England is the most beautyfull , if you have see those picture you all will agree with me , I love England country side it so peaceful and so Green during spring is lovely cool and sunny . I bet Janice will agree with me .