Tuesday, July 10, 2012

MY life NOW ......

Try and try  hope and hope ......
now is time to tell myself is no use to work on my own cos 
it wouldn't work . when only one side trying hard.

  1. The other party hate it so much ,time to let it go. 
  2. no point to focus a relationship is not going to work!
  3.  cos I don't know how I can make it work 
  4. no meter how much I try it only back fire to me 
  5. sad thing is I should know for long time it not going to work only I not wanted to face the true 
  6. Now at this min my heart is so heavy  is like a person  who facing a die sentential  waiting for a trial to  be hang  !
  7. you know you going to die but you don't know how to take it in , 
  8. I rather to die and not have to face it all , but i can't do it or should say I don't dare or worry to leave my baby on it own .
  9. As a wive, a mother of four , I love my family so much more then my life 
I will give my life to my hubby and any of my kids ,but I am not sure anyone of my family 
  1. understand that is me , there all think I am so selfish to myself , which it never happen in me ,
  2. I always put my hubby and my kids come first me the last , how can I make them see ????
  3. that is how much I love them ?
  4. I will still pray to god ,hope one day , god will send me an  Angel  help me to cross over ,
  5. thing will  come toward me very  very soon !
  6.  may god give me stranger and power to face it  whatever
  7.  to come to me 
  8. Let me be strong  and not weak !

I believe in you dear Buddha