Wednesday, May 30, 2007

LOOK ??????

From this become like this ????


Brandon is getting very excited everyday this week cos on Friday the 1st of June the football club will be having a presentation for all the football term and there will be price giving so Brandon will hope he could get a prize also he so hope and wish his daddy will attend to see him getting the price .
he love his football . don't know why????
here above is when there having a match on the day so smart huh xxxxxxxx that my boy
we all love you very much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, May 27, 2007


we wish you a very happy birthday lot of love from us to you xxxxx

love you always xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Steph got to bake victoria sponge cake at school, so be4 she got to bake she ask me to teach her first, so I teach her a few tips and when she came back with a cake she told me ,her cake is the best in the classs the teacher say . so I say tell the teacher I have a cook mummy to teach me cooking better then the teacher hahhah. teacher don't even teach them the most important tips of baking . what la

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fair well meal for Colleen

On the 18 of may we went out for a fair well meal for Colleen my kitchen assistant.
she is leave UK back to South Africa for good , bless her all good .
Here are some silly picture , we all share lovely food and spend lovely time at this very special restaurant. Janice will remember where is it .
food is lovely and wine non stop supply we all so piss but we all have such a good time , we still talk about it today .

Can anyone do this ?????

I love to have something like this but then all my friend say I have a fry egg size so I just got to be jealous on her my very dear friend , she is lovely , I tell her if the god give me a wish I will wish to have something like her so ........big , bet wen wen will agree with me this point.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Our cat is our extra baby , the above cat there love steph very much, there follow stephanie everyway she go and sleep on top of her pillow every night , goldy the golden cat will wake stephanie up every morning around 6am if stephanie don't get up he will kiss and meaw at her untill stephanie wake up


Today I am so proud of my dearest daughter Stephanie , she had serve us diner which make by her the disher she make is Italy diner bolognese , I am so tire after work . the last thing I wish to do today is cook cos at work I had cook nearly 80 kids diner plus desert , so sleepy too .
so Stephie back from school and bring back the bolognese she make at school and say will you dare to try she ask , I say why not , so she warm it up and put cheese on the top and bake it , by 6pm we had our diner and all of us really enjoy it ,excp daddy cos he is away to London for work and miss the lovely diner , but then I told Stephie she can make it when daddy home .
god bless her she love her family , now she is trying to make fresh fruit .
I am so proud of you Stephie you are a good girl.

lot of love always from mummy and daddy and Oliver and also the pang 9 son Brandon too

there will be picture of her doing the cooking but then everyone must wait for it OK thank xxx

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Happy Mother Day to our mum .

Here I wish my dearest mum a very happy mother day .I am sure she do know how much I love her .
after reading my little sister post , it make me wanted to tell the world our beloved mum .

I am not as naughty and bad behave as like my young sister, she is the pain in the ass.
As for me I am very scare of my mum when I'm young , I scare of my mum will cane me if I'm naughty, so I'm good girl until I know how to earn my own money , I tell myself I don't have to scare that much of my mum ,I can do want I wanted to do,that go on for years ...
Until I give birth to my first child Stephanie , I was in pain for 19 hours long then the stupid baby only come out to the world , when I was in pain so much pain , I talk to god and tell god I promise to be a very good daughter to my mum forever will love her and care for her and understand her .because at that moment I realize how much pain I cost my mum when she give birth to me also I remember she told me , I nearly kill her on the birth , I can feel it myself the pain is so bloody pain .
From then every years on my birthday ,I wake up the first thing in the morning I will call from England to Malaysia to say * THANK YOU SO MUCH MUM FOR BRING ME INTO THIS WORLD *