Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Today I am so proud of my dearest daughter Stephanie , she had serve us diner which make by her the disher she make is Italy diner bolognese , I am so tire after work . the last thing I wish to do today is cook cos at work I had cook nearly 80 kids diner plus desert , so sleepy too .
so Stephie back from school and bring back the bolognese she make at school and say will you dare to try she ask , I say why not , so she warm it up and put cheese on the top and bake it , by 6pm we had our diner and all of us really enjoy it ,excp daddy cos he is away to London for work and miss the lovely diner , but then I told Stephie she can make it when daddy home .
god bless her she love her family , now she is trying to make fresh fruit .
I am so proud of you Stephie you are a good girl.

lot of love always from mummy and daddy and Oliver and also the pang 9 son Brandon too

there will be picture of her doing the cooking but then everyone must wait for it OK thank xxx


janicepa said...

stephy can cook already !!.. good !!.. will be mummy's successor soon !!.. love you stephy !

SixzFun* said...

so proud of stephy ler.. she can cook tell frankly i dun like to cook and i dun know to cook also...lousy me :-)but lucky i got a good chef (my low kong)hahahah

pearly said...

hi jan : you must wait until we go bacj steoh can be a babysitting plus a cook she is going to make vitora spose cake next week good luck to her .

dear grance :
you are so lucky we all got to learn how to cook if not we all will diet for hugry cos derek can't cook good food only best on him is the english breakfast hahah show you next time when he is cooking it ok .
how is your baby darling ?

SixzFun* said...

hahaha...everybody has their own good side...i only good at keeping theroom clean..hahaha
my baby darling is very active now.