Sunday, May 27, 2007


we wish you a very happy birthday lot of love from us to you xxxxx

love you always xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


SixzFun* said...

happy birthday to ur hubby....
he got 2 special nice...:-)

pearly said...

yes he always got spoil by my sister
last year he also got 2 cake when we in malaysia cos my dad bought one and my aunty penny also got one for him and my kids eat all up cos there love cake .

many thank for the greeting will let him know hee xxxxxxxxxxxxx

janicepa said...

he is cool mah ..

pearly said...

jan you really think so ????
thank anyway .wish you were here on sunday xxxx

Penny said...

Hi, Happy belated B/day to Derek. Sorry a bit late ya.

Sweetpea said...

hi pearly. dropped by thru janice's. great family blog ya? the wonders of electrical web :)

pearly said...

hi dear yeeyee :
many thank la ? so glad you grop by .old ppl already 41 year old hahha.
thank you so much xxxxx

dear sweetpea ;
many thank ? I do look around to all wen and jan blog link becos I am very stupid one in the family I don't know how to save link whick I have visit be4 . so I just go to all my sis link to look lol .
many thank for you to drop by xxxxxx