Sunday, September 13, 2009

I am now home for .......6 weeks

out from the hospital on the 7 of Sept 09
Then hook up in the FB game , also there nothing allow to do
I can't do heavy home task , so I am so into the FB farming .
Guess WHAT .. Hubby get cross
cos now .... is he in the other end of the coin
he do house work cooking and I am sitting play game and on the net all day and night
he is not happy at all .......
give me a look everytime he walk pass me :P
well ... I give him back his own poison .... that is how I feel ....
when he on the PC all the time I am like the maid at home running around for kids and house work and plus look after BB and HIS 3 meal plus go to work too .

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

On my Hospital Vacantion

will be off for a week .......
going in this morning to the hospital for my opration
will be staying HERE
for a 5 days ......:(
can't sleep the whole night , worry about my Aden
he is not feeling very well and hubby is still poorly .
Gosh ......
will be back after 5 days ...
meantime if you wish to read something NICE
click to ADEN and Brandon kids blog
will be back