Tuesday, September 01, 2009

On my Hospital Vacantion

will be off for a week .......
going in this morning to the hospital for my opration
will be staying HERE
for a 5 days ......:(
can't sleep the whole night , worry about my Aden
he is not feeling very well and hubby is still poorly .
Gosh ......
will be back after 5 days ...
meantime if you wish to read something NICE
click to ADEN and Brandon kids blog
will be back


Salt N Turmeric said...

Pearly, what operation? Hope everything will go well.

Barbara said...

Hi Pearly,
I hope that this is not too serious.
Please,please take care,get well soon and come back to us in great health.
Love & hugs XXXX

dawn said...

Pearly, I wish you good all the best on your surgery. I heard from Nicole about it. Take care, Pearly. Good luck. I'm sure Aden, your hubs will be well taken care of by the older kids!