Sunday, September 13, 2009

I am now home for .......6 weeks

out from the hospital on the 7 of Sept 09
Then hook up in the FB game , also there nothing allow to do
I can't do heavy home task , so I am so into the FB farming .
Guess WHAT .. Hubby get cross
cos now .... is he in the other end of the coin
he do house work cooking and I am sitting play game and on the net all day and night
he is not happy at all .......
give me a look everytime he walk pass me :P
well ... I give him back his own poison .... that is how I feel ....
when he on the PC all the time I am like the maid at home running around for kids and house work and plus look after BB and HIS 3 meal plus go to work too .


Dawn said...

My hubby do everything for me too and I just farm away! Hahahaa, he is not working, so he can do the cooking, cleaning and I just sit at PC from the time I get home to time for bed! :) (Something like that la!)

Barbara said...

Hi Pearly,

Hey; you deserve to be looked after!It's not easy to be operated on and then come back home. You need time to heal.
I've been operated on 3 different times, each time I needed rest and it takes time to be feeling better.
So I know how that feels dear.

Hey; come over to my blog or on FB.

Take care and be good to yourself.

Aiyah Nonya said...

Same here - farming away......
After the op you must rest,girl.
Enjoy the rest. :)

Moments In Time said...

Pearly ah, I gone for a while, so much has happened! Aden is such a big boy now. Just lay back and let everyone pamper you la... get well soon sister!

Moments In Time said...

hey gal! email me your FB name so I can add you la... my email is saphrodites1 at

Hope you are feeling better!