Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thursday, October 08, 2009

New Hair cut and clour

I can't really remember when is the last time I have my hair cut ......
I think about end of Jan 09 before I back to work .....since
but then I colour my hair regular and cut trem it myself just get a bottle from Tesco .
hate to call in the saloon need a week or so to book apoinment then
cost £££
second can't pay this much and get a bad hair cut

to the saloon it will cost me £60 well .....
mother of 4 ...... no way
plus every 8 to 10 weeks need to colour my hair if not I will look 55 years old
wooo you don't want to see my ugly face and hair .
But becos of my operation I can't do much not even can do lot of house work only light thing
colour hair myself it cost pain ....
so now more pair to pay out £30 for cut colour and blow dry not even wash probably
because is a mobile hairstyle cash in hand job is cheap cost I no money to sit in the saloon :P
don't think will go Beck to her again cos my blouse is all cover with black colour
is my new blouse
this cut and colour cost me more
lucky never plan to go back again

DIY is cheaper
Funny enough my babe sis JANice also got the nearly same hair cut too
lucky not stay in the same house or els

hubby might mistake which is which
it happen 15 years ago
when Wendy stay with me and we look so a like and hubby back home one day
nearly hug the wrong wive
really shit him :p

p/s to Sasha and Nicole ......
those up date is for the 2 of you ...... because ........

I try to smile but it just don't come out right :P

Also sorry for such a long time no up date from this blog
is a long time a mouths nearly
well blame the Face book Farming .
just can't stop
don't know
how to stop
Now I understand why the other 2 sister
MAE AND DAWN haven't up date lot too :p

if you like to read about the kids
please goes to their blog have up date some video
must go to farm now all fruit and veg is fully grown ;0