Tuesday, March 31, 2009

MY mother day gift on 22 march 2009 from my Beloved KIDS and HUBBY

Those lovely card and gift are all specially choice giving by
my lovely four kids

Orchard is from Stephanie .
Easter rabbit and the little small red box chocolate is from Oliver .
Big bunch lovely flower is from Brandon and big box of chocolate also
he had hand make me a mother day card too !
the little card is paint by little Aden .
About card
Left card is specially make by Brandon
Right card is specially paint by little ADEN

Stephanie also very busy the week near mother day , she went and baby sit for 2 days ,
so she can buy me a lovely Orchard for mother days .
Oliver never go out to work but he save up his daily pocket money to buy me some chocolate.
on sat he went out with Stephanie to tesco to get me gift on his way home
he pick up some Daffodil give it to me he tell me he got no money to buy me gift SO he pick up some daffodil for me , hope I don''t mind , I told him , cos I don't is the thought court I tell him I know he had no money to buy is OK I love wat I get , then on the day mother day he give me chocolate and tell me he know I will think he give nothing hahah.:P but he did went out to get me something nice .



let me tell you WHY
on the day before mother day 22 of march 2009
he woke up early in the morning is sat around 10am he went out
on his own after breakfast , he tell me he got to go out to do some car wash .
I say OK .
around 11.am he come back with a small bunch of white lily is my fev flower
he give it to me and smile tell me is my early mother day gift , he just went and wash 2 car and get £5 so he can buy me some flower , I tell you my heart is so happy .....
then he also give me a card he make at school .is so lovely he tell me he wanted to buy me orchard which is my fev flower but he only get £5 and the shop selling Orchard is £21 . I tell him is OK I love lily too , I say to him I am very happy whatever he get me .
then he want out again for about 1 hour lated ............
He walk in with a bigger bunch of flower plus a small teddy and a big box of chocolate,
he tell me he went out to wash car and get pay £10 cos one of the car owner is so kind to him pay him £10 to just wash one car , he spend it all on me to get me more gift for mother day . I feel so love by my son , I tell you my heart .... I can't tell u How happy I feel .......

Then ........

That mother day weekend , I am so busy is the last weekend I help my girlfriend to work in the restaurant, Henry ask me.. can I help on Friday sat and Sunday 3 days , I went home Derek say he would love to go out on Friday as a family for a family meal, it been a very long time since we went out as a whole family to restaurant .. so I call Henry and turn down the work on Friday .
I told hubby don't wast money on me on mother day have a lovely family meal out I am happy and to save money not to worry about gift, cos I don't want him to spend any cos he got to get his mum some flower on that day , also during mother day all those flower will be sky high .... also on Sunday *mother day* I am working .
SAT night I went to work and Stepha also went out to baby sit for my friend ENA , next thing is get a call from ENA she is poorly , need to admit to hospital , I told her not to worry I will pick her kids up after me finish work, at 11pm I finish my work and I rush to her home to pick up Stepha and her daughter bring them back to me , I look after her daughter over night and the next morning she call , she need some cloth ask me to get thing at her home , so I rush to her home to get thing for Ena bring to the hospital , at 12pm need to work at the restaurant ... gosh tell u is a very rush for me .....
I pick up some cloths from Ena home and bring back to my home cos need to pack her some food cos she is hungry arrive my driver .... I saw a big car drive up to me , a young boy jump out the car say to me ........ a delivering for Pearly xxxx .. I reply I am pearly
he say here some flower for you ...
My Jaw is drop......................... Who get me a big bunch of flower

is my hubby .....
wat a super SURPRISE

HUBBY wasn't in when flower deliver
EARLY ........
he is angry /worry becos he book the flower and I am running around for my Friend like a headless chicken and work , he worry I wouldn't be around when ppl deliver those flower but ..... thank god I was there .
the thought of him didn't wast it .

I just feel so .................. love by my family

I love you all

I am so lucky to have all your love


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sorry for miss action... Up date a little of Aden

Aden pretty face had return after all those horrible chix pox
he is now 6 mouths old
had grown up a lot
he love to play and also very good holding toy
now he had no problem to hold his milk bottle

At nursery sit around with his little friend to play toy every morning
here is Lisa who look after Aden too

Aden best friend
this 2 baby come every day to the nursery just like ADEN

he never never feel bore

BELOW video of Brandon and Aden playing
Aden just love his tiger jumper
thank to Uncle Andrew got this for his Xmas Present .

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

New baby in our famil;y

my sis Janice baby girl had born
she is so lovely born on the 2 /3/2009

don't know her name
we just call JAn juni

congratulate to Janice and PA and Ervin