Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sorry for miss action... Up date a little of Aden

Aden pretty face had return after all those horrible chix pox
he is now 6 mouths old
had grown up a lot
he love to play and also very good holding toy
now he had no problem to hold his milk bottle

At nursery sit around with his little friend to play toy every morning
here is Lisa who look after Aden too

Aden best friend
this 2 baby come every day to the nursery just like ADEN

he never never feel bore

BELOW video of Brandon and Aden playing
Aden just love his tiger jumper
thank to Uncle Andrew got this for his Xmas Present .


dawn said...

So that was Brandon doing the "Nanananana...."? That was really funny hearing that and seeing Aden jumping on his feet. That will definitely strengthen his legs up!

Salt N Turmeric said...

My handsome boy is back! lol. Its good that he doesnt seem to have the scars for the chicken pox.

pearly said...

hi Dawn :
yeah he love it when there both play together :)

hi my dear dear Farina :

time goes fast ,thank god Aden face is back to handsome boy ,I am so worry when chic pox all over him .

Rose said...

He is cute! Time really passed by, now he is 6 months old! Wow!

Give my kisses and hugs to Aden please, pearly. thanks!

Sasha said...

oo got best friend already!