Tuesday, September 26, 2006

next... ah jan make bread

AH JAn mia min pao

dunno wat happend.. ah jan into cooking lately... i think bcos of the yeast... is crawling all over me... kakaka... Sunday .. i sweat my armpit again making bread !!!

this is supposed to be A LOAF of RAISin Bread.. look at wat it turn out to be... fucking sausage raisin bread.. kakakaka

see my hotdog min pao... look so nice hor...
but the middle part is not cooked yet... kakaka.. end up.. only eat the skin and the sausage nia.. wahahahaha... STUPID YEAST !!

ah jan make Pizza

ok .. as promised.. here you go my pizza pix in my sister blog.. ala wingz.. altho farked up but FINISHED !! Initially, i asked my best fren MS and YY to come over to make pizza.. manatau.. raining like Dog !! i got all wet shopping at TESCO, Ampang.. later MS say she dun wan to come cos it's raining lah .. YY is going to MATTA FAir lah .. aiyo.... So ??? i kaki make lah .. until ketiak oso sweating you know..

Yes.... i know it looks nice... and so alike pizza... but i farked up the bread lah so hor... on top is nice.. but bottom sucks..
taste wise.. not enuf hv to go with ketchup or chilli sauce... yay.. try harder next time lor...

I m not goin to post how do i cook it.. check it at Wingz but i tell you ar... u better make sure you use the rite cup... USE THE COOKING CUP not the DRINKING CUP.. i farkeup bcos of the fucking mug !! woops... i swear at my sister's blog.. *run*

inside the pizza got sausages, ham, onions, tomatoes, light mozzarella (cost me RM 46 ++ for 2 fucking pack ok... i look at the price wrongly i guess), mixed vege.lazy to cut lah .. still colorful mah .. hai mai ???

see... 2 pieces left.. then my good fren Venesse come and eat... and ta pao back for her LK ... they said is yummy... *pai seah*

EVERY PIECE of my pizza was not wasted... ngek ngek ngek ...

Monday, September 25, 2006

Me and MY kitcher assitant

here a picture of me at work

here is me with my uniform just like AH SOW <>
here also my assitant , look at her so big and tall my manager also say Judy had a rolling pin and pearly had colleen you can see why , she is so big and I am so small, although I am her boss but sometime she boossy me around more than I do to her hahahaha.
don't laughed who even look at this blog ok I know I look so stupid .

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Aurthur and GOLDDY

my lovely cat there are only 10 mouths old , the one open his eyes is golddy he is a very lazy cat , also he love if you keep rub he and cuddle him , he want lot of love and care, when he young he only like to go to steph room and only want to stay with steph no body els , then when he is older now he love to sleep with me and sometime he will wake me up in themorning andasking to cuddle him , the sleepy one is Aurthur , he is a very soft and nive cat too , he love oliver very much every night he will go to oliver room and sleep in his bed with him , and some time he will sleep on top of his heard or kiss oliver to wake him up .
we all love them very much , there are our part of life and family member .
I use to have a black and white cat name marlin , still miss him lot he is my Beloved cat no one can take his place , I still thinking of him very much , he had kill by a car last year nov 05. is a sad year for all of us .but this is cat life can't blame anyone , but marlin always still keep in our heart .

yum yum yummy


As you can see in this picture , my two lovely cat is waitting for the cage to open so there can have fun with WENDY and JANICE.
This picture of the two love Bird is the first pair , there just arrive to our home , and you can see the lovely janice is sitting there very happy .

Well now she is so free flying around the sky and WEndy is not along she had Brand pitt now there are very happy together and make lot of noise I have say to derek if there don't keep the noise down one day there will turn into a fry Bird .

Derek bought me a new frying for my diner party and is very good one just imag a lovely fry bird , heheh yum yum huh ?

Friday, September 15, 2006

my beloved kids

Here my kids aren't there lovely , yes , I know there are, there always my darling .

Look at the above picture , you will know how much Brandon love his sister he will do anything to everything for her .

love to my Beloved kids xxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Derek Love Bird

Today we had a very busy day , we run around to all the shop and finally got a bed we both want and he had pay lot of money for it , then we walk to the pet shop , Derek had dream to have a pair of love bird for long time in fact I wanted to get him for surprise on his birthday but we was away during that time then when we back we too busy with our work and wat even ssssso .

today I say to him ok I let him have the bird and he choice the very lovely pair , we bought everything and go home kids is very happy with their new pet , on our way home Derek say he had choice name for this pair of the bird he say there are a pair of girl and he already had a name for them and we are not allow to change , I thought wat then I wouldn't change after all is his pet , so he say , I am going to name my bird , WENDY and JANICE, when we hear this we ask why you name the bird my sister name ??? Then he say don't you dare to change it ok I make up my mind , we all started to laughed non stop still don't understand WHY ????

arrive home , he is so happy to put the bird in the cage and talk to the bird and play with them very happy men , then by 8pm , I am up stair I hear very noise then I go down the and saw the cage door wide open and Derek run to the living room screaming to my cat cos the cat had Wendy in his mouths , then steph scare up stair and say Janice had fly away .

oh my god , his Janice the love bird had fly away , we all was so sad Derek more sad he angry of me open the window and let the Janice had a chance to fly out , then he so angry with my cat , well we all very sad , I am so sad too , cos this time I get he a present he really love only last for half a day and fly away , is so sad sad sad , but Derek say Janice just like Jan never can be keep in the cage love her freedom too much .
this is our sad Sunday night .

tomorrow I will try to find him the same Janice after work if I can lucky I had a picture of the pair of bird .

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I am not the only one love to go to tesco , Jan love it too , when she in UK she always nag at me not to shop so much , but that is life in UK all food must cook at home so must have all those thing ready for cooking ,not like in Malaysia you hugry you can just walk out and get anything to everything to eat and so cheap, but I noted jan had mention 2 time about tesco and also she keep dream about UK , I know she had full in love in UK , even she keep say is very boring here , but life is good to live here ppl don't bother you so much especially no one will keep bully you or say in your face you are so fat .
I am so surprise in Malaysia company the asssssssssssssso men who keep saying Jan is FAT and wat even , in UK is not allow Jan can go to report him to the boss and he will get in trouble that why no one will say thing in your face , but as for Jan you are very fit in UK and very hearth as far as I see . fuck those asssssssssssso .
sometime I think how nice if Jan can also stay in UK all 3 of us together , but one thing is who going to look after my mum and dad we all here , Jan is a good girl we know why you love UK but you can't stay becos you need to been in malaises , thank so much .
but she can come to visit England any time right , as you promise your son you will see him next year you better keep your promise he is waiting for you to let you have all his foot ball cup he win .
he is so proud to show you .
so that all for today .
have a good day xxxxx

Monday, September 04, 2006

Some one look very like with Janice

Today I look at Jan blog and with all those picture I find she took lot of picture with this girl and the more I see her I can see she had the likeness's of Jan only her eyes is not big as Jan but the side way is like , I wonder is she a long lost sister hahahahha. <> how cum she look so like you Jan ?

Oliver is so upset yesterday , he cry make my heart broken , me and brandon steph went out on Sunday to shop shoe for them both for school start but end up in the game shop and Brandon say to me he want a DS nitendos the lated one for his birthday, so I say ok becos the day he born I always did not get him anything, I feel very bad cos each time on his birthday I always broken, so this time get the DS thing for him plus one game, then steph say she want a doggie game in fact she say I get nothing on my birthday but she forgot I pay nearly £80 for her to go bowling and cinemas with her 3 friend from school .But becos she being a good girl during this school holiday looking after the 2 brother and do all the house work so I reward her one doggie game but not the DS, I told her she got to wait untill I save up some money then I get her one .
Then arrive home Oliver saw the DS game he was so sad he started to cry , I look at him my heart broken , becos on his birthday we are going to Malaysia on may so I told him, he can't have a party with his friend becos I don't have extra money to pay after I pay for all the air ticket so I told him I can only get him something small so he choice a PC game SIM
and his dad give nothing only bring us all out for diner then there went down to Devon for a week .
each year on his birthday I never give him a party, first he don't have lot of friend also I always broken on his birthday so he always say on his birthday always get nothing good as a present .
well I feel so sad after saw him cry .Soo now I got to work more and save up to get him a DS game .
Why I am so soft touch to my kids , may be when I am young I never get anything in my life and becos my parent always had no money and my mum work so hard to look after my dad whole family we never had any extra money to get toy , I am lucky to have a teddy bear I remember when I am a little girl, is giving by a Indiaan DR , I had that teddy for a very long time until one day the teddy got missing I am so sad .
well now when I can effortd to buy I will give my kids the best after all life is too short .
enjoy seeing them happy I am happy . I do wish when there grown up there will remember mum always love them .
My two sister see this there will tell me off .

have a good day or night.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, September 01, 2006

I have TAG by Wendy

Wat I suppose to say about myself ?????

ok here is the .............

No 1 : I am a very boring personal and a sister as the blog had mention I am boring but love cooking and learn all kind of food to cook but not eat them <>
No 2 : I am a super fire women too , get mad so easy and I only lister the fronst and will start me off up set be4 I Lisson to the end <>
No3 : my whole life the most important ppl is my mum and dad and my kids and my hubby and my two sisters.
No4 : I hate when my hubby make me lister to him talking when I am very busy with other thing like watching Chinese drama and my csi new York , hahaha very sad ppl TV the whole time .
No 5: I enjoy travel and see the world hope one day when my kids grown up I can be able to do more like my mum in law , so now must start keep money for it .
No 6: like a clean and tidy house, have problem with friend come to visit and don't take their shoe off when there enter my house when there gone, I need to mob the house all over , just too clear and very worry to eat outside ,I am a cook my self , I am so worry ppl not handle the food right .That why I learn more of the recipe and cook for my family .

all 6 fact here

I can't find any one to TAG wor ........How ler ? I don't have any friend who blog only ppl blog is all my sister and cousin and little brother shawn so how now ????? Who to ask ?

may be can ask my daughter steph.

so that all for today have a lovely week end will not have lot of sunshine but may get a little on Sunday . Cheer xxxxxxxx