Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I am not the only one love to go to tesco , Jan love it too , when she in UK she always nag at me not to shop so much , but that is life in UK all food must cook at home so must have all those thing ready for cooking ,not like in Malaysia you hugry you can just walk out and get anything to everything to eat and so cheap, but I noted jan had mention 2 time about tesco and also she keep dream about UK , I know she had full in love in UK , even she keep say is very boring here , but life is good to live here ppl don't bother you so much especially no one will keep bully you or say in your face you are so fat .
I am so surprise in Malaysia company the asssssssssssssso men who keep saying Jan is FAT and wat even , in UK is not allow Jan can go to report him to the boss and he will get in trouble that why no one will say thing in your face , but as for Jan you are very fit in UK and very hearth as far as I see . fuck those asssssssssssso .
sometime I think how nice if Jan can also stay in UK all 3 of us together , but one thing is who going to look after my mum and dad we all here , Jan is a good girl we know why you love UK but you can't stay becos you need to been in malaises , thank so much .
but she can come to visit England any time right , as you promise your son you will see him next year you better keep your promise he is waiting for you to let you have all his foot ball cup he win .
he is so proud to show you .
so that all for today .
have a good day xxxxx


janicepa said...

well.. i hope i m not pregnant next year.. if not i dun think wud be able to go to UK jor.. hahaha....

pearly said...

hi , if you are is your luck la , anyway is a good news if you are , but your darling son will be very sad he think if you have a baby you wouldn't love him any more .
but you beeter becarefully la , don't pregnant next year after uk la we will bring you to spain this time