Thursday, September 21, 2006


Aurthur and GOLDDY

my lovely cat there are only 10 mouths old , the one open his eyes is golddy he is a very lazy cat , also he love if you keep rub he and cuddle him , he want lot of love and care, when he young he only like to go to steph room and only want to stay with steph no body els , then when he is older now he love to sleep with me and sometime he will wake me up in themorning andasking to cuddle him , the sleepy one is Aurthur , he is a very soft and nive cat too , he love oliver very much every night he will go to oliver room and sleep in his bed with him , and some time he will sleep on top of his heard or kiss oliver to wake him up .
we all love them very much , there are our part of life and family member .
I use to have a black and white cat name marlin , still miss him lot he is my Beloved cat no one can take his place , I still thinking of him very much , he had kill by a car last year nov 05. is a sad year for all of us .but this is cat life can't blame anyone , but marlin always still keep in our heart .

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