Tuesday, September 26, 2006

ah jan make Pizza

ok .. as promised.. here you go my pizza pix in my sister blog.. ala wingz.. altho farked up but FINISHED !! Initially, i asked my best fren MS and YY to come over to make pizza.. manatau.. raining like Dog !! i got all wet shopping at TESCO, Ampang.. later MS say she dun wan to come cos it's raining lah .. YY is going to MATTA FAir lah .. aiyo.... So ??? i kaki make lah .. until ketiak oso sweating you know..

Yes.... i know it looks nice... and so alike pizza... but i farked up the bread lah so hor... on top is nice.. but bottom sucks..
taste wise.. not enuf hv to go with ketchup or chilli sauce... yay.. try harder next time lor...

I m not goin to post how do i cook it.. check it at Wingz but i tell you ar... u better make sure you use the rite cup... USE THE COOKING CUP not the DRINKING CUP.. i farkeup bcos of the fucking mug !! woops... i swear at my sister's blog.. *run*

inside the pizza got sausages, ham, onions, tomatoes, light mozzarella (cost me RM 46 ++ for 2 fucking pack ok... i look at the price wrongly i guess), mixed vege.lazy to cut lah .. still colorful mah .. hai mai ???

see... 2 pieces left.. then my good fren Venesse come and eat... and ta pao back for her LK ... they said is yummy... *pai seah*

EVERY PIECE of my pizza was not wasted... ngek ngek ngek ...

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