Sunday, September 10, 2006

Derek Love Bird

Today we had a very busy day , we run around to all the shop and finally got a bed we both want and he had pay lot of money for it , then we walk to the pet shop , Derek had dream to have a pair of love bird for long time in fact I wanted to get him for surprise on his birthday but we was away during that time then when we back we too busy with our work and wat even ssssso .

today I say to him ok I let him have the bird and he choice the very lovely pair , we bought everything and go home kids is very happy with their new pet , on our way home Derek say he had choice name for this pair of the bird he say there are a pair of girl and he already had a name for them and we are not allow to change , I thought wat then I wouldn't change after all is his pet , so he say , I am going to name my bird , WENDY and JANICE, when we hear this we ask why you name the bird my sister name ??? Then he say don't you dare to change it ok I make up my mind , we all started to laughed non stop still don't understand WHY ????

arrive home , he is so happy to put the bird in the cage and talk to the bird and play with them very happy men , then by 8pm , I am up stair I hear very noise then I go down the and saw the cage door wide open and Derek run to the living room screaming to my cat cos the cat had Wendy in his mouths , then steph scare up stair and say Janice had fly away .

oh my god , his Janice the love bird had fly away , we all was so sad Derek more sad he angry of me open the window and let the Janice had a chance to fly out , then he so angry with my cat , well we all very sad , I am so sad too , cos this time I get he a present he really love only last for half a day and fly away , is so sad sad sad , but Derek say Janice just like Jan never can be keep in the cage love her freedom too much .
this is our sad Sunday night .

tomorrow I will try to find him the same Janice after work if I can lucky I had a picture of the pair of bird .

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