Friday, September 01, 2006

I have TAG by Wendy

Wat I suppose to say about myself ?????

ok here is the .............

No 1 : I am a very boring personal and a sister as the blog had mention I am boring but love cooking and learn all kind of food to cook but not eat them <>
No 2 : I am a super fire women too , get mad so easy and I only lister the fronst and will start me off up set be4 I Lisson to the end <>
No3 : my whole life the most important ppl is my mum and dad and my kids and my hubby and my two sisters.
No4 : I hate when my hubby make me lister to him talking when I am very busy with other thing like watching Chinese drama and my csi new York , hahaha very sad ppl TV the whole time .
No 5: I enjoy travel and see the world hope one day when my kids grown up I can be able to do more like my mum in law , so now must start keep money for it .
No 6: like a clean and tidy house, have problem with friend come to visit and don't take their shoe off when there enter my house when there gone, I need to mob the house all over , just too clear and very worry to eat outside ,I am a cook my self , I am so worry ppl not handle the food right .That why I learn more of the recipe and cook for my family .

all 6 fact here

I can't find any one to TAG wor ........How ler ? I don't have any friend who blog only ppl blog is all my sister and cousin and little brother shawn so how now ????? Who to ask ?

may be can ask my daughter steph.

so that all for today have a lovely week end will not have lot of sunshine but may get a little on Sunday . Cheer xxxxxxxx


janicepa said...

Good !!! very good fact !

pearly said...

thank's that is me you big sis hehehe