Thursday, August 31, 2006

Another special thank to the chew family

Here is my special friend and his family , he is the a very good friend of us , each time when we back to Malaysia he will make sure he will spend time with us , we do have lot of fun time visit place with Alvin and Cindy , but this years there have a lovely girl arrive to their life , she is such a beauty. Derek really love her so much and my steph too , she is also a little madam too and very cheeky .This time we went back because we been so busy travel around with all my friend from SG to Austria we hardly spend time with Alvin and Cindy and the little beauty .
about Alvin he is the best friend I even had we know each other for donkey years now , everything I need his help in UK or in Malaysia he will help me no matter what , I can't find any friend like this in UK , all is so selfish only care for themselves , I am lucky all my friend in Malaysia is very helpful , especial Alvin, he and Derek can chat well and he will give good advise to Derek , only some time a little bit <> hahhaha.
today in this blog I wish to say to Alvin and Cindy . Many thank for everything when we in Malaysia . We miss you .
take care and lot of kisses to the little beauty .