Monday, August 21, 2006

Kids in Devon

Well I think this time the two boy TOM and JERRY . The both of them enjoy and love itstaying in Devon . cos my father in law make them a den and there been in and out in the den to play and also there been to see the steam train and steph have a whole week riding her little pony with jojo and jojo is a very good teacher , but steph came back and say she had pain in her ass, why ? We ask, she say because of riding the horse . wat do you think of her riding pony port huh , Brandon don't want to be in the picture . Oliver love the train the day he born . There are so lovely wat do you think my sister ? I am very tire today la for Jan sick I just drop a few note la , I have no asst to help at work she away for holiday and I got to do all her job so tire la .That all for today la I go and have my cup of tea now .

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