Wednesday, August 30, 2006

LIFE OF Depression

WHY I mention this????
because life is so depress , work the whole day and get home so tire and still got to work out wat to cook for the whole family for diner , as a women work and family is not so easy , I am so tire off it but can't give up because I need the money like everybody . There my best friend say to me , you don't have to work so hard because you have got a hubby who can give you the BEST ,,,,,,,,THE BEST ... LIKE WHAT?????I am asking myself , life in UK is really not easy everything is so expensive . Some time I think to be a single personal is better because with a hubby is cos so much nag nag nag < normaly women do this to the men > in my home is the other way round I can't say a word if I do I will ask to keep shut up from my hubby .
I have a good friend now is not with her hubby she is doing very well been along more money come in from the govment.
do you think is fair for those ppl who Marie with kids too is suffer for no money all the time .
this govement of England is really fuck man , I have another friend who had a hubby but he work and live is HONG KONG is a very important policemen in HK . She bring her 2 kids living in UK because the kids willhave a better education , her hubby send her money mouthly around £2,000 < use too > then she apply as a working single mum and work only 5 hour a day and25hourss a weekbecauses the govement think that she live along inUKk and she only earn less then £10.000 a year s so the govm top up her to £10,000 much more better then any one of us with a hubby so now she can go back HongoKongong twence a years but tgovmentent don't count she had a hubby who do earn lot of money in HK >
wat a fucking place we life in . fuck the T.B
anyway nothing we can do , unless we divorse the hubby and we will have all the benefit .
so sad .
this is me today having a bad day need to fuck the whole world I think .
thank for reading is there someone reading my blog .


pearly said...

life is lidat lor..
face it or change it.. kenot do tht... forget bout it.. !!

cheer up !! my love.!!

janicelooi said...

it's from Jan