Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My Beloved sisters

One thing life tell me I am so lucky to have my two sister , Sometime we can fight like we going to kill each other but right down, we love each other so much .
my mum always say to me < In this life time all 3 of you can be sister you must love each other the next life you might not be together so you must love you very own sister dearly.> I keep this in me all this time and also keep telling my kids the same thing my mummy tell me and lucky my 3 darling is very good kids there do lister to mummy ,I am so pround of them .
Now my 3 kids is so lucky to have my sister to love and spoil them.
Here I wish to say to my 2 sister , I love you both very much, thank to god to let me have 2 very dear sister .

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