Thursday, August 31, 2006

Another special thank to the chew family

Here is my special friend and his family , he is the a very good friend of us , each time when we back to Malaysia he will make sure he will spend time with us , we do have lot of fun time visit place with Alvin and Cindy , but this years there have a lovely girl arrive to their life , she is such a beauty. Derek really love her so much and my steph too , she is also a little madam too and very cheeky .This time we went back because we been so busy travel around with all my friend from SG to Austria we hardly spend time with Alvin and Cindy and the little beauty .
about Alvin he is the best friend I even had we know each other for donkey years now , everything I need his help in UK or in Malaysia he will help me no matter what , I can't find any friend like this in UK , all is so selfish only care for themselves , I am lucky all my friend in Malaysia is very helpful , especial Alvin, he and Derek can chat well and he will give good advise to Derek , only some time a little bit <> hahhaha.
today in this blog I wish to say to Alvin and Cindy . Many thank for everything when we in Malaysia . We miss you .
take care and lot of kisses to the little beauty .

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

LIFE OF Depression

WHY I mention this????
because life is so depress , work the whole day and get home so tire and still got to work out wat to cook for the whole family for diner , as a women work and family is not so easy , I am so tire off it but can't give up because I need the money like everybody . There my best friend say to me , you don't have to work so hard because you have got a hubby who can give you the BEST ,,,,,,,,THE BEST ... LIKE WHAT?????I am asking myself , life in UK is really not easy everything is so expensive . Some time I think to be a single personal is better because with a hubby is cos so much nag nag nag < normaly women do this to the men > in my home is the other way round I can't say a word if I do I will ask to keep shut up from my hubby .
I have a good friend now is not with her hubby she is doing very well been along more money come in from the govment.
do you think is fair for those ppl who Marie with kids too is suffer for no money all the time .
this govement of England is really fuck man , I have another friend who had a hubby but he work and live is HONG KONG is a very important policemen in HK . She bring her 2 kids living in UK because the kids willhave a better education , her hubby send her money mouthly around £2,000 < use too > then she apply as a working single mum and work only 5 hour a day and25hourss a weekbecauses the govement think that she live along inUKk and she only earn less then £10.000 a year s so the govm top up her to £10,000 much more better then any one of us with a hubby so now she can go back HongoKongong twence a years but tgovmentent don't count she had a hubby who do earn lot of money in HK >
wat a fucking place we life in . fuck the T.B
anyway nothing we can do , unless we divorse the hubby and we will have all the benefit .
so sad .
this is me today having a bad day need to fuck the whole world I think .
thank for reading is there someone reading my blog .

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What Is Depression?

What Is Depression?
What Is Major Depression?

Major depression may make you feel as though work, school, relationships, and other aspects of your life have been derailed or put on hold indefinitely. You feel constantly sad or burdened, or you lose interest in all activities, even those you previously enjoyed. This holds true nearly all day, on most days, and lasts at least two weeks. During this time, you also experience at least four of the following signs of depression:

a change in appetite that sometimes leads to weight loss or gain
insomnia or (less often) oversleeping
a slowdown in talking and performing tasks or, conversely, restlessness and an inability to sit still
loss of energy or feeling tired much of the time
problems concentrating or making decisions
feelings of worthlessness or excessive, inappropriate guilt
thoughts of death or suicide, or suicide plans or attempts.
Other signs can include a loss of sexual desire, pessimistic or hopeless feelings, and physical symptoms such as headaches, unexplained aches and pains, or digestive problems. Depression and anxiety often occur simultaneously, so you may also feel worried or distressed more often than you used to.

Although these symptoms are hallmarks of depression, if you talk to any two depressed people about their experiences, you might well think they were describing entirely different illnesses. For example, one might not be able to summon the energy to leave the house, while the other might feel agitated and restless. One might feel deeply sad and break into tears easily. The other might snap irritably at the least provocation. One might pick at food, while the other might munch constantly. On a subtler level, two people might both report feeling sad, but the quality of their moods could differ substantially in depth and darkness. Also, symptoms may gather over a period of days, weeks, or months.

Despite such wide variations, depression does have certain common patterns. For example, women are almost twice as likely as men to suffer from depression. And while major depression may start at any time in life, the initial episode occurs, on average, during the mid-20s.

Depression or hopelessness may feel so paralyzing that you find it hard to seek help. Even worse, you may believe that treatment could never overcome the juggernaut bearing down.

Yet nothing could be further from the truth. The vast majority of people who receive proper treatment rebound emotionally within two to six weeks and then take pleasure in life once again. When major depression goes untreated, though, suffering can last for months.

Furthermore, episodes of depression frequently recur. About half of those who sink into an episode of major depression will have at least one more episode later in life. Some researchers think that diagnosing depression early and treating it successfully can help forestall such recurrences. They suspect that the more episodes of depression you’ve had, the more likely you are to have future episodes, because depression may cause enduring changes in brain circuits and chemicals that affect mood (see The Problem of Recurrence). In addition, people who suffer from recurrent major depression have a higher risk of developing bipolar disorder than people who experience a single episode.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Banana Bread

My secret recipe since jan make this blog for me, I haven't got the chance to put my recipe in it, Here is one of my quick easy and recycle the waste recipe .
when you have a very ripe banana is so sweet and soft but like some one me and my family we will not eat it cost we only like green banana wat should we do with it here is the recipe .


175g{6oz} selfrising flour
half tspBicarbonate soda
half tsp mixed spice
150g{5oz} caster sugar
60g{2oz} softened margarine
2 large ripe bananas-peeled and mashed
3 tables milk
1 egg-beaten

method to make

pre heat oven to 180c or or gas mark 4
stir flour ,bicard and mixed spice into the bowl
stir in caster sugar
add softened margarine, mashed banana milk and beaten eggs and mix until all the ingredients are well combined
spoon the mixture into a lined greased 1kg {2ib} loaf tin
bake in the centre of the oven for 40 -45min or until the cake has risen and is firm to touch
remove loaf from the oven leave loaf in the tin to cool then remove from the tin keep in a air tight box .
serve with a cup of KOPI or TEA . Yummy yummy for the tea break or when friend visit you can self them a cup of tea with banana bread .
enjoy baking
I DO xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

look who is this horrible face

kids in the train, brandon hate picture been taking just like his dad .oliver is very happy cos he love train steph is ok with wat so even she just get on with it .

steph with her little pony

here a picture of steph with her pony , she can ride very well now , all thank to JOJO . she is a very good teacher .

Monday, August 21, 2006

Kids in Devon

Well I think this time the two boy TOM and JERRY . The both of them enjoy and love itstaying in Devon . cos my father in law make them a den and there been in and out in the den to play and also there been to see the steam train and steph have a whole week riding her little pony with jojo and jojo is a very good teacher , but steph came back and say she had pain in her ass, why ? We ask, she say because of riding the horse . wat do you think of her riding pony port huh , Brandon don't want to be in the picture . Oliver love the train the day he born . There are so lovely wat do you think my sister ? I am very tire today la for Jan sick I just drop a few note la , I have no asst to help at work she away for holiday and I got to do all her job so tire la .That all for today la I go and have my cup of tea now .

my family..

make this blog ask my sister to post her recipe.. she go and blog her beloved sister.. of cos touch lah .. anyway... since she is not touching her blog and i damn "mou liau" let me blog for her lah ..... this is their recent family picture lor...

look at those children.. aren't they gorgeous !?? !

ops.. sudah sleepy tim .. bye !!
love jan

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My Beloved sisters

One thing life tell me I am so lucky to have my two sister , Sometime we can fight like we going to kill each other but right down, we love each other so much .
my mum always say to me < In this life time all 3 of you can be sister you must love each other the next life you might not be together so you must love you very own sister dearly.> I keep this in me all this time and also keep telling my kids the same thing my mummy tell me and lucky my 3 darling is very good kids there do lister to mummy ,I am so pround of them .
Now my 3 kids is so lucky to have my sister to love and spoil them.
Here I wish to say to my 2 sister , I love you both very much, thank to god to let me have 2 very dear sister .

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Family Meal

After reading wen blog , feel so sad of the life of ENGLAND . As wen wen say BORING is so true you know.
I am off sick for two days now , everyone say I got to rest, yes ,I did , but still got to get my ass up to cook for the two of us ,because my BORING hubby can't cook ,the only thing he's best of is English breadfast , when you not well this is better then nothing la ok ,don't complain so much if the king of the house cook you eat or you DIY .
Talk about boring, my lovely kids is away now to lovely DEVON to stay with their NANA< grandparent >, then everyone < my english friend > say: wow lot of time for the 2 of you huh can do wat you can't do when kids around huh . wat la the 2 of us just sit in the living room big eyes looking at the big eye and the big TV scream wat else or we flight over the computer to go on the net . Nothing else no roman sex on the fire place ahahha. Our life just like wake up at 7am get to work at 8.15am back home at 2/30pm sit in the sofa have a cup of coffer or tea then do nothing
then cook diner and watch TV again until very sleepy, bed time and the next day all start again.
I miss all the time with aunty penny and uncle ching gan, shawn < our little brother > especaily shirey and my sis wen jan for the big makan < jan only went out with us no a lot too busy getting the wedding ready .
this trip wen go back together is the best trip in my life , hope we can do it again .
MISS YOU ALL MY FAMILY xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxfrom a very sick persol @@@@@@@@@@

A Big Thank to this 2 very specail friend

I wish to say a very big thank to ANNE and SAM , this time when we went back to malaysia without them we can't get around so smoort . Especaily anne she will do everything to anything for us . how and where you can find such a great friend . I miss them so much .
can't thank them enought just need to tell them my heart will always remeber them .

Friday, August 11, 2006

my sis is hospitalised !

Aiya.. she is hospitalised.. reason .. kenot tell !! kuang kuang kuang.... ... so this morning.. my 2nd sis left me a mesg in my chatter telling me she is ALRITE !!!

Yes !! alrite babe !!...

Wish u fast recovery !! love ya !!!!