Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Family Meal

After reading wen blog , feel so sad of the life of ENGLAND . As wen wen say BORING is so true you know.
I am off sick for two days now , everyone say I got to rest, yes ,I did , but still got to get my ass up to cook for the two of us ,because my BORING hubby can't cook ,the only thing he's best of is English breadfast , when you not well this is better then nothing la ok ,don't complain so much if the king of the house cook you eat or you DIY .
Talk about boring, my lovely kids is away now to lovely DEVON to stay with their NANA< grandparent >, then everyone < my english friend > say: wow lot of time for the 2 of you huh can do wat you can't do when kids around huh . wat la the 2 of us just sit in the living room big eyes looking at the big eye and the big TV scream wat else or we flight over the computer to go on the net . Nothing else no roman sex on the fire place ahahha. Our life just like wake up at 7am get to work at 8.15am back home at 2/30pm sit in the sofa have a cup of coffer or tea then do nothing
then cook diner and watch TV again until very sleepy, bed time and the next day all start again.
I miss all the time with aunty penny and uncle ching gan, shawn < our little brother > especaily shirey and my sis wen jan for the big makan < jan only went out with us no a lot too busy getting the wedding ready .
this trip wen go back together is the best trip in my life , hope we can do it again .
MISS YOU ALL MY FAMILY xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxfrom a very sick persol @@@@@@@@@@

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