Monday, September 04, 2006

Some one look very like with Janice

Today I look at Jan blog and with all those picture I find she took lot of picture with this girl and the more I see her I can see she had the likeness's of Jan only her eyes is not big as Jan but the side way is like , I wonder is she a long lost sister hahahahha. <> how cum she look so like you Jan ?

Oliver is so upset yesterday , he cry make my heart broken , me and brandon steph went out on Sunday to shop shoe for them both for school start but end up in the game shop and Brandon say to me he want a DS nitendos the lated one for his birthday, so I say ok becos the day he born I always did not get him anything, I feel very bad cos each time on his birthday I always broken, so this time get the DS thing for him plus one game, then steph say she want a doggie game in fact she say I get nothing on my birthday but she forgot I pay nearly £80 for her to go bowling and cinemas with her 3 friend from school .But becos she being a good girl during this school holiday looking after the 2 brother and do all the house work so I reward her one doggie game but not the DS, I told her she got to wait untill I save up some money then I get her one .
Then arrive home Oliver saw the DS game he was so sad he started to cry , I look at him my heart broken , becos on his birthday we are going to Malaysia on may so I told him, he can't have a party with his friend becos I don't have extra money to pay after I pay for all the air ticket so I told him I can only get him something small so he choice a PC game SIM
and his dad give nothing only bring us all out for diner then there went down to Devon for a week .
each year on his birthday I never give him a party, first he don't have lot of friend also I always broken on his birthday so he always say on his birthday always get nothing good as a present .
well I feel so sad after saw him cry .Soo now I got to work more and save up to get him a DS game .
Why I am so soft touch to my kids , may be when I am young I never get anything in my life and becos my parent always had no money and my mum work so hard to look after my dad whole family we never had any extra money to get toy , I am lucky to have a teddy bear I remember when I am a little girl, is giving by a Indiaan DR , I had that teddy for a very long time until one day the teddy got missing I am so sad .
well now when I can effortd to buy I will give my kids the best after all life is too short .
enjoy seeing them happy I am happy . I do wish when there grown up there will remember mum always love them .
My two sister see this there will tell me off .

have a good day or night.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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