Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Our cat is our extra baby , the above cat there love steph very much, there follow stephanie everyway she go and sleep on top of her pillow every night , goldy the golden cat will wake stephanie up every morning around 6am if stephanie don't get up he will kiss and meaw at her untill stephanie wake up


janicepa said...

i tot u have 3 cats ?? Aurther and gold something and wat was stephy's cat name dy ar ?? tabby issit ??

old liao lah ..

those cat just love stephy dont they ??

Kah Wee said...

so many kitty kats ah... lolx.. boleh hantar satu bagi saya kah..

pearly said...

hi jan :
as you know when you are here in UK you meet tabby but havn't meet the other golden cat .there are the new arrive the fat car had an acciend and go to meet the god haha.

kah wee;
long time no chat huh I thougth you gone missing look at you blog no lated news , how are you ? you want cat there lot in |UK la send one to you no problem la you got to pay lot of post feed the pussy is for free but stemp is sky hight wow .boleh ka ?????

scarxxx said...

lolx... just joking only geh..
yea... missing in action for a long time d.. so now back in action. just only updated my blog.. have time then drop by..