Monday, July 03, 2006

this is the sister.... posting !

As my sis mentioned she is a boring housewife and sister... i wanna tell her.. i know you are but wat m i ?? (my son taught me this..) ok... a lil bit bout my sister here..
she is currently staying in UK.. and she got 3 beautiful children... the reason y i have to cover her face at the profile there is .. i personally think tht my bro in law dont like to disclose so much 'bout his family.. and in order to respect him.. i will cover up all the faces so tht ppl wont recognise any 1 of them ... hm..
i purpose select a kitchen template for my sister is bcos.. she is a very good cook.. so is my parent.. and i m a super lousy wan... so i hope that thru this blog.. she can put down all her recipe for me to copy so that i too can be a boring housewife like her... (only her cooking and i dont wan anything else to be passed down) kekeke.. !!
joking lah ... !!!
how shud i teach her leh.. let me think first...

this is chinese "char siew" which is my favourite and also define me well.. (there is a chinese saying "it' better to have a pieces of charsiew then to have an unobidient children .." ) .. but that is not wat i wanna say lah... i just wanna say tht my sister can make nice "char siew" ! Yum Yum !!!

so sis... please teach me how to cook here.. ok ??

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