Saturday, July 01, 2006

it's a beginning

well..did i mentioned that ???.. my sis created this blog just to leave me comments but best of all.. she already created 2 blogs n she forgot her password.. so i really wakaranai her.

Now she is asking me to enhanced her blog.. i m only goin to teach her how to.. cos.. if lidat i will mati lor..

and another request from her hubby aka my bro in law is.. not to put his photo in my blog wor... (*show cat face).. well.. he is not bad mah .. looks good mah .. why kenot put leh .. moreoever.. hey .. tht is my blog !!.. kekeke... nice things is meant to be shared !! if it is too ugly i also wont put in my blog ler.. i wont wanna make my blog looks disgusted.. !! Kekek.. Joking ler...

cheer up .. Bro !!

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