Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sorry been away ........... to the Hospital ......

Last week is a stupid week
Dr get panic and thought I am going to have the Baby
send me in to the hospital for few day
holy .........sugar
is soooooo bloody boring

silly baby keep giving me CONTRACTION
Dr and Midwife panic #
think Baby will come in anytime .....
and not allow me to go home
I am sooooooo bore in the stupid hospital.

Thank god ....
ON Saturday morning one of a male DR
may be feel sorry for me hahahah
he let me go home and see him again in Monday .

here I am back to my very

sorry I haven't been reply to all those lovely comment on my blog

will try to get back to my daily live .
thank to all my friend keep pop over to visit me .xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
have a lovely Sunday .


barbara said...

Hi Pearly Dear,
Ohhh... baby is not in a hurry to come out ! I'm sorry to hear that you were in the hospital.How are you feeling ?

I missed you on IM today! Sorry. My hubby was finishing w/ a program & called me. And you know the rest...
You take care; I'll get in touch with you Monday.
Big hugs to you and to the whole family.

Moonlight_tears said...

Hello there
Hope you are okay now and not in pain...yeah. I miss you..=) I am also been busy lately. Actually, just too drained out. Anyways, pls take good care of yourself. Your baby is so cute, always give you false alarm..hehehe. He likes playing peekaboo I guess.

janicepa said...

hm... dun make urself run around lah .. take more rest lah . and talk to the bb lah ... ask him not to be notty .. if not yeex2 will smack his bum bum ... kekeke...

Sasha said...

hahah i'm getting false alarm too! u take care yeah,

dawn said...

Hi Pearly,

Now I know where you were since I didn't see you online. Looks like you have to stay in bed, huh?

Yeah, the grandkid is really cute, very chubby and also very smiley. The grandpa is so happy when she's around.

Take good care of yourself, sweetie.

Penny said...

Ya Pearly, Jan is right. U shud be resting and not running and taking yr foreign students around.

Do take care since Bb is coming out anytime.

Trinity said...

jia you!! jia you!!

Rose said...

Hi Pearly. Take care.

Salt N Turmeric said...

oh my. i tot last night i left a comment. if i didn, sorry.

Hope ur feeling much better now and RESTING. i kno you are hyper but it looks like the baby is feeling the pressure. :P

ICook4Fun said...

Hi Pearly, hope you are feeling much better. Take it easy and don't stay on your feet for too long. Take care my dear.

pearly said...

To all My very dear dear family and friend .....:
Thank soooo much for all your love and care , I will take all your advised to stay in bed .... Bed rest.
I can't sit long on the desk for long for each day I can only go to a few blog to kay po .
I will be back to kay po around to all your blog once the BB pop out ,
I have a feeling he will be out soon in 2 weeks time , I do hope soon .
will keep your all up date if he pop ou early .
thank soooo much again , miss you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
lot of love from
me to you pearly xxxxxx

Moonlight_tears said...

aww, I hope you feel better..pls take care of yourself..miss you.


aiyah nonya said...

Hey Pearly

I am a bit late, since I have not been near the computer for some time.
The baby wants you guys to enjoy some peace first. Before he demands everyone's attention ! :)

Have been shopping around for your little one. Looks like I have to sent them over soon.
Er...that is if I get to the post office. :)
Anyway do take care. Oh, I just heard about your little scare earlier before this admission from my sis.
Lots of bed rest, ya

xniquet said...

please take care and looking forward to see your angel :P

J.T. said...

Hey Pearly

Sorry I could not chat longer through gmail the other day. I hope you are feeling well. All the best with your delivery ... whenever it happens. :)