Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I am so enough now ........ on Monday I say to Derek I am so wish to give myself a C-section to get ADEN out from me tummy ......... GOSH ! that is real BAD .

every night after 9pm tummy so blow up like a balloon just feel like t* Die better then a live *
I never feel this way with my 3 monkey or may be I forgot already so many years or I am so busy with looking after the kids and home and cook and ect ..... I don't even feel the pain ........

Now ...... I have nothing to do at home only rest ...... I feel so miserable or becos ....... old age preg?????

I can't complain lot ...... I should be glad that I am so lucky now a day , kids will help me and Derek will help ,I think about SASHA and my SIS JANICE in Malaysia, got to work up to give birth, same time daily need to look after young kids plus work the whole day, from 9am to 6pm back home , keep house clear and cook and look after ERVIN JAYDEN , if kids sick there got to wake up the whole night .
sometime I do wish our Chinese MEN..... Hubby can be a bit helpful it does help a lot .
in the west.....HUBBY will help a lot to the wive , not only earn the money and that it , cos I think as a hubby and wive we must understand more ABOUT EACH OTHER NEED .

Not that I am not worry ..... with this Baby ..... I am dam worry in big time.
worry I can't cope it, once he get out .... WHY ????
cost I feel like I dig myself a great big grave after so many years freedom and look wat I have done to myself .
also I feel so uncomfortable when I go out most of the ppl alway s ask me the same question .....

*Oh ...... is this plan ???
wat does this mean ?? wat does this to do with you plan or not ???

why there got to ask me this becos I am a old women over 43 years ..... and not suppose to have another Baby ???

I didn't plan to have this Baby , I have lost one 5 years ago and we though all the problem we had we are not going to have another baby , Derek and steph even wanted to adopt a baby from china,I say NO to them cost I don't want to look after another baby .
when this baby come along by super surprise I tell myself may be is god will... I should give Derek another Girl he so wish for ....... but ..... god will also not giving him a Girl but another BOY holy.

anyway ....... wat had come had come I just got to face it I am sooooo wish .. ppl please don't ask me this again and again are you plan ............

just please mind your very own business ......... may be the next time when ppl ask me I will jsut say ...... NO is god gift !




dawn said...

Hang it there, Pearly, just one more week. Bless you that your kids and hubs are so helpful. Very "tei ssek".

I know it's hard to listen to those nosy folks asking you questions like that, I get a lot of stares when I'm out and about with my hubs, and worse is some very daring ones will ask me if I'm his adopted kid!!!

Rose said...

So Ceasarian on 2 Sept??? Good luck. And aunt Rose look forward to welcome little Aden to the world. :p

Thank god that you have wonderful hubby and kids to help you around. And just dont care about those nosy people. Yeah, they should mind their own business.

Salt N Turmeric said...

Just a few more days to go. Youive been carrying him for 9mths so a few more days is ok right?

Furthermore, im sure its gonna be easier this time around since your other 3kids are big enough to help mommy look after the baby AND with the chores. *wink* There's a reason why god gives you the baby now. *hugs*

Sasha said...

ppl been asking me the same question too. Plan or not plan, hey its there already. What you wanna be busy body and ask right?

Anyway we hang in there, gotto be thankful that everything IS GOING TO BE FINE, okay?


pearly said...

Dawn dear :
Holy ppl do ask you thing like this.
gosh I hate ppl like this la , nothing to do with them .
I get pppl who some I don't even know one ask me , I feel like ppl don't like to see old age women get preg I guess I am too old for them haha.
thank for your support xxxxxxxxxxxx

pearly said...

Rose dear :
No Ceasarian for me , Dr will induce the bb make them come out nurture, is the bb is not so big I can
push it out hope ........

I don't really want C section la will be a big mark on my tummy bad enough now my tummy is so terrible
is not easy to lok after bb if I got c section
so I stay away from this for sure .
oh yes ! those ppl don't liek to se old age preg I guess

pearly said...

Sasha dear :
yeah huh so busy body one , wat to do with them if we didn't plan police tancup one ka hhaaaha :P

pearly said...

Farina darling :
I am waiting and courting the days too so sad huh ......
8 more days to go :P

yes ! thank god .... I have the kids to help or els I die fast fast la :)

Trinity said...

hugs Pearly... time to count your blessings!!! :-)

*spread some love and joyful spirit here*

barbara said...

Hi Pearly,
How I wish I could have come over and kept you company !! I think that the wait has been really really long and you want to end. I really understand; poor thing :(

I think that you are stronger than you realize.
You will see; it will be fine ;)
Please take care.

Thinking of you