Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wat a surprise ........................................

So sorry it been a very long time since I write post
everyday I only be able to sit for 45 min the most to read blog post .
kay poh here and there, read post of my 2 sis and baby .
Then the whole day I will be in bed or sit around
do nothing ,
also be a moody cow
also same time Nesting too .......just like SASHA,
the only thing good is when I start to do house work .......
I been stop by my hubby or my kids , there will do it for me ,
cos DR say I can't do any heavy
duty especially hooves the home ,so I will be stand there telling them wat I want them to do
in the point I get so angry with myself like a useless personal.

GUESS wat happen ...... on Saturday 23of aug 2008
I got a visitor

SUE and her family comming to visit
******How ..........
well is real a surprise on sat morning I went on Yahoo to chat with Nico then sue also on msn
she ask me wat I am doing today normal I have nothing to do even I wanted to do I can't do much , but do hope to get out the house for a bit cos been in for week and so bore have ask Derek to bring me to the market to get some fresh fruit and veg cos I really run out .
Then I ask sue so is Bank holiday weekend wat she up to she say Nothing too , then she say could come down to visit YOU ...
I say yeah that OK with me cos we normal have nothing to do anyway , I though she going to visit on Sunday then she say NO is today SAT ....
I ask Derek is that ok he say well Nothing much we do anyway just go to tesco instant of town
that it SUE is coming for a visit with her family and I got to prepare some light lunch ...
I wonder wat can I do for lunch ,,,,,,,,,

I think the fast and easy way for me is to cook something I know the Best ...
so I went in to tesco get some chicken and fish and here wat I cooking for lunch

Penang chicken curry
fry Thai style mee hoon
chicken fry rice
egg fry soya mee hoon
Asam pedah IKAH

I am not so sure SUE hubby David will like hot and spicy or not also we have little IAN
so I just cook mix and match la.

I am so rush in to Tesco and get all the cooking thing I forgot about Pudding
then I come home ...

I thought of bake a padah chiffon cake .
but I only got 2 hours to do everythign ,
by the time I finish cooking and is too lated to bake the cake ...
so we have no Pudding .
then I find out SUE hubby like padah chiffon cake , so I promise the next time there come I will make sure to bake one for them .

we have a lovely time .......
my Steph say to me ... mum Ian is so adorable , I think Ian have a eye on my steph hahaha
when there going Ian keep run back to steph give her a hugs and kiss .
when I ask Ian where is my .....
well HE is such a clever boy he go for the young one not the old one ahhahah.

thank for a lovely time to drop by for a visit .


barbara said...

Hi Pearly,
How are you doing honey ?
I understand how much you want to get out and not just be hanging around.
But, Dr's order is something serious.
You really needed the visit with Sue; I'm sure that this cheered you up a lot.
It was nice to get out I'm very sure.

You take care; thinking of you & baby.

Salt N Turmeric said...

Pearly, its always nice when we get visitors. and u cooked 5 dishes? walawei! i think i pengsan already if i have to make tht many things in a few hrs time. lol.

pearly said...

Barbara dear :
Thank for pop over ! so glad haven't post for long time. you all still around visit me thanks for support .
as for me I am so tire most of the time and getting very bore now .
is so nice that SUE and her family come to visit me .
I just can't wait for the DAY bb come out wouldn't be long , DR will Induct BB on the 2 sept 08 so just about 9 more days I can't wait :P

will keep you inform
have a lovely weekxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

pearly said...

Farina darling :
I am so please to have some one come for visit after 2 mouth stay in the house most of the time.
also got friend to share is the best thing I even dream of so I don't really mind at all to cook.
In fact I am very proud of myself on that day I can cook up 5 dish in less than 2 hours , cos the 2 hours inlcu the shopping too heheheh.
but do use some of the packer curry pate la cos no time to make all fresh ingre .
I do hope sue and hubby enjoy the lunch ahhaah ,

have a lovely week xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

dawn said...

Hi there Pearly,

Yes, it is nice to have some one over and spend some time do nothing but chat reminisce the old times. And you cooked so many yummy dishes too, you so geng, woman! Have to give you the "fook chi".

You hang in there, Pearly. take care

pearly said...

hi Dawn Darling :
yeah is so nice after the whole time I am stuck at home , I haven't do lot of cooking since Sue came give myself so exc to cook food hahahha.

if I got another 45 min I will bake a cook , but after there gone home ,I am so over tire I can't sleep the whole night I end up so hyper.
I will try my Best thanks you too my dear

Sue said...

Thanks for the lovely time Pearly..we really enjoyed it..hope baby arrives safely..