Friday, August 01, 2008


Today I bring the Italy student to HULCOTE
A place when you enter it .......
it give u a creepy feeling
when you arrive
is such a beautiful view
is like

WE ENTER into a road the only road to the valley
* if I Janice is looking at this ......
she will remember it .....
this is the second time I go back
first time I go with my sis Janice it does freak the 2 of us.
when we arrive to this road

nearly to the valley

band to the center of the valley

nearly there

one of the house on the corner

look at the view Now ... is in the middle of the place surround
with 6 same build house
look at the house each of them are the same is pretty old too
it only have got about 8 surround on the field

total of house around is about 10 house

then we went up to the hight part so we can view down to see those house

house on the VALLEY
Is that peace and quite
I remember when me and Janice first come in here
I hear lot about hulcote but never been here before
and we went there becos I need to hand in my CV to a lady
she wanted to employ me to be the chef of her nursery
but at the end I got the job I am working now instant.
so .. me and my sis Janice ,
2 silly one drive to here .
I remember we can't find the lady house so we drove up to the mill farm
and we see all those working men
Janice was so scream she lock the door
I went into ask for the address
there show us to drive back to the valley and the house we looking for is just one the first house .

after that time this place is always in my mind
I have live here for nearly 12 years
I never see a place so like
Twilight ZONE
a place like no one there ...
I really don't know how to explain the feeling only you see by your very own eyes.


Aiyah Nonya said...

Yeah, creepy. Reminds me of an episode of the Twilight Zone where the residents in a very quiet town that is super weird.

Aiyah Nonya said...

Sorry hit the enter button too eager.
Anyway I want to say the first few pictures reminds me of Ipoh long ago, The Green Town area. Behind the Main Convent school. That area used to have trees lining the lanes/ roads. With a small park behind the convent. With the colonial staff houses dotted around the whole area, plus other private residence. Very english country side like. Quiet and the only busy time was during the dismissal period at the convent

But too bad. Now all the trees were chopped down and concrete buildings has replaced those trees.

Green Town is no more green. Just a name in a very concrete environment, that only the older folks will remember the beauty of that area.

cbenc12 said...

i like the country side.. looks lovely.. wish i can be there someday..

janicepa said...

yeah .. i remember the house on the 6th and 7th pix... tht's where u go and ask ppl...

Sue said...

I can imagine when it's winter..definitely eerie..

dawn said...

It looks eerie but it's very scenic with the rolling hills. Definitely can't see them here in Minnesota - flat like a board.

barbara said...

Hi Pearly,
How are you ? I'v' been busy and I see that you have been too. That is so nice of you to show your houseguests around.
You are a sweet hostess :)))

Humm; a creepy area ? It's true that there is nothing on the road for awhile, until you see those charming homes.
I think though that I would feel more freaked out if we were on that road at night !!!!
The creepiest road that I have been on ??It was in Hawaii, and it just happened to be a winding & isolated road that leads to a... mortuary & it's cemetery.I get the creeps when I think of it ... eeeeehh !

Big big hugs to you my friend
((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))

Trinity said...

wah I love that house on the valley... wish I could paint them!!

Nux V said...

it sure a nice place for a be away frm the city life...