Thursday, March 08, 2007

Please sir , my name is OLIVER please can I have some more ..........

I suppose to blog something about pang 9 song but then tonight we all went out to this place

Tonight I am so tire not really wanted to cook, so have a phone conversation with Derek, we thought we going out for a family meal , try to find a fish and chip shop to eat but then all those chip shop only do take away but we really want a just sit and enjoy the night diner, so we went into the above place and is very near not far away .
As you look into the link you will know is a carvery with eat as much as you like . we have order our meal with roast ham ,beef and turkey , as for the kids there also have the same but then Oliver favorite is the Yorkshire pudding , when we nearly finish, the more Oliver jump up and say mummy I want MORE , so I say to him OK you can go and ask the chef for some MORE , then Derek DARE Oliver for £2 if he will walk to the chef and say . PLEASE SIR, MY NAME IS OLIVER CAN I HAVE SOME MORE PLEASE.....

THEN Oliver say to Derek OK £2 I will do it , so .................he walk to the buffer desk he say to the chef as ABOVE ,,,,,,,,here Wat the chef reply :OH yes , you may have some more . he giving him another piece of Yorkshire pudding. then he ask Oliver .... By the way is you name really OLIVER? hahhhahhahah have any one here even watch a old movie call OLIVER TWIST ? THAT WHY THE CHEF IS GIGGLE AND ASK IS MY OLIVER REALLY NAME OLIVER . WE CAN'T STOP LAUGHING SO I MAKE A CAL TO WEN WEN AND TELL HER ALL ABOUT IT .



janicepa said...

wat about peng 9 son ????

so oliver is happy with the 2 pound and the pudding lor

i hvnt tried tht pudding b4 huh ???

pearly said...

yes he is happy la also had spend for a game already . I think you have trey this yorkshire pudding I make at home when I do the roast diner I am sure you had cos we always had it with our roast diner .
I am a bit busy this week so I havn't got the time to blog pang 9son will try is soon I need to bake a lot of cake for work this week for red nose day .