Saturday, January 13, 2007


my dear here to show you want I get for you Jan hope you like it bought it becos is blue but will look some more now a lot of sale on so can get a few more . cheeeeeeeeeeeeeer you uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupppppp?

this one I lik ethe most will keep baby very warm when she /he sleep in the aircon with you .

Those long one can help baby stay away from mosq bit hehhhhehhe.

little one with hat and shoe .


SixzFun* said...

wah so good this not yet born out already bought something to cheer her up....that;s y i always said..the youngest in the family always the most manja and hang fok one...JAN.... your sis treat u damn good..always think of you...:-)

pearly said...

hi grace < wat to do we only have the three of us if we don't love each other who els will other than other papa and mama and the kind of hunbby or boyfriend huh ? you always have a great family who love you and you little one too you also a lucky one too as I can see . wat do you thing thos cloths is that ok ?

SixzFun* said... tummy still big la..just tat u cannot see only.i always ccover
my tummy when take photo....:-) and my tummy still got the stretch mark
la..damn old pants some still cannot some which is
rubber one then can wear la...
now already 6 months lo..still the tummy very big ler

SixzFun* said...

yar...we must love each another..we might not have the same chance again to be sisters in another new life....very cute ler the long as baby clothes..its cute one...:-)

pearly said...

you stil look great very sexy mummy
stretch mark need to put cream all the time also tell jan start now to put on those stretch mark cream that it will go away .I am totaly agree with you the same my mummy always say been a sister only for this life who know we can still be sister or not in next life that why I always look after my sisters when there not happy I feel sad too . I always teacher my kids to love each other cos if I die the only ppl in their life is there brother and sister who will look after each other and help each . so you also can teach you little pretty from young when you have another babe. ehhehehhe.

janicepa said...

Thank you

SixzFun* said...

good mummy! :-)