Sunday, June 03, 2007

MY DARLING IS AWAY from HOME zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzalone

Today is only the first day he away , he went to New york yesterday , we all started to miss him very much , don't know why , normally it don't get me to down under , may be becos lately he had been going aways a lot , the whole may mouths he aways to work in London for few week, staying aways from home, from Monday to Friday and back on Friday night stay for the weekend then up he went again to work on the Monday , for the pass whole may 2007.
we only see him 2 day a week the whole may mouths is about 6 time , gosh is really terrible like I am been a single parent mom , I don't really like when he away but then I can't really stop it is work after all, without work we all eat air and rain water meh , right .
He is a good dad and hubby , although he aways a lot he always call us and does miss me and the kids , he don't really like to stay aways he love his comfort of he home sweet home and food cook by his wife.

well if he had look at this blog I wish to tell him .......DEAR WE ALL MISS YOU VERY MUCH xxxxxxxx

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