Tuesday, June 12, 2007

OIL FRY GHOST ???? huh have a look you know xxx

Today this is specially make for all those Malaysian blog pal who live in oversea and Malaysian too, who love to have a hot Oil Fry Ghost for morning, cup of coffer or moi for breakfast , just freshly make out from my kitchen cos I am on sick leave but I can't sit still must do sometime here wat I got for you ............

I learn to make from my god brother be4 he went back to Malaysia for good ,he stay with me for a week and teach me cos my kids love it , also cost a bit to buy from the Chinese supermarket and wasn't so nice if already next day oil fry ghost not as nice as freshly make at home right pal ????

Here UNCLE LEE I BET YOU already make yourself a nice cup of coffer to enjoy it right . haahah just joking you might not like it , hope this will impress Nyonyapenag for her supper tonight when she blog on to the net.
Also got to surprise Jan , here something for you , kakkakka and also for my very dear friend from Australia Foon Foon told you I know how to make , promise you when we visit you will make this for your family . grace and brother Wei , hope you both like it tooo.

Let me know DO YOU ENJOY IT OR NOT ???


U.Lee said...

Hi Pearly, that is my favourite! Infact only last Saturday I bought some at our market here.
I will make a fresh cup of iced coffee, Maxwell House, rich blend, then dip in coffee and enjoy.
Pure Heaven if can get oven fresh ones like yours.
(I love donuts too, but only the plain ones).
Wow! Pearly, you may not be able to sew, but you sure one heck of a beautiful housewife. I don't even know of one lady who can make this.
My wife buay sai too. But she can make very good kueh bingka, my favourite also. Nice pictures, Pearly.
Pearly...you are my kind of lady!
Thank you for your invitation. A single red rose for you always, UL.

janicepa said...

cheh.. i had enuf of it already ..
now i jelak dy ..

but i always know u can cook anything lah ..

can u imagine.. cooking BBQ PORk until trigger smoke alarm ...

but it taste wonderful !!!

SixzFun* said...

pearly, u r excellent!ur hubby is so lucky to have you for his wife...u really can cook anything oh!......i only know to fried egg...and maggie mee.e.that's all.... i dun have any interest in cooking....but i like to eat...hahahaha
oil fry ghost.....mmmmmm....yummmy yummy!

scarxxx said...

wah... sedap la wei...
beh tahan liao.. must go makan d... keke..

PEARLY said...

uncle lee
thank's for the lovely rose , you are welcome to have more OFG .
I just a ecnom mum that all, too expensive to feed the 3 monkey when there eat there had eat lot so must learn how to cook and bake for them to save money.hahhaah.
please do give me the recipe of kueh bingka from mrs lee if that ok with her . thank's

dear JAN

well roast port must grill on hight temp that why my end up cost the fire alm start ahahah, but you do eat all up even dad say is very good he is very prond of me can do the roast port when there here to stay .kakkkk

dear grace :
is ok you are lucky to have a hubby will cook and take care of you , like I have say be4 if wait for derek to cook we all get hungry LOL

thank for comming to enjoy my OFG heheheh.

hi bro:

you got the messenge huh . bless you .

go go maken don't get hungry not gud ler xxxxxx

lot of love

nyonyapenang said...

soli...soli..peraly, gua came and visit late....actually fell asleep befor3e i could blog hop.
wah...gua suak OFG...sapu with peanut butter or kaya...wah....lau nuar again.
thank you so much.

PEARLY said...

hi nyonaypenang
thank for drop by for the OFG, just potluck I got it done . not as good asin local malsyia as you know .
well in UK is not so convient to get chinese kuah so got to learn lor can che the kids I am happy already hahaha.
need more to learn still . you have tips do give me I am very lost touch with malaysia kuah only english cake and pudding as I say be4 .

thank again for drop by xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...



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